You just cannot miss these Hollywood movies releasing in September!


2015 has been the year of great movies so far and now September is taking the lead. This month has only a handful of releases but all of them are pretty huge including Johnny Depp’s Black Mass and Universal Pictures’ Everest. Check out this list of Hollywood movies releasing in September and mark your calendars because you cannot afford to miss out on these movies.


#1 We Are Your Friends – 11th September


Story of a young DJ, Cole Carter, who tries to figure out his life between the expectations from his friends and love from the past but finally, finds fame and success.

Run Time – 1 hour 40 minutes



#2 Legend – 11th September


Set in the 1960’s, Legend is a fictional story of the identical twin brothers, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, who are touted to be the biggest criminals in the British history. The movie is set to showcase their organised crime empire in London’s East End area.

Run Time –  2 hours 11 minutes



#3 Visions – 17th September


This movie should be a treat for horror and thriller lovers! A couple expecting a baby moves to a vineyard, things get weird when the wife starts experiencing terrifying visions. Check out the trailer of one of the scariest Hollywood movies releasing in September.

Run Time – not available



#4 Everest – 18th September


The name speaks for itself; the movie follows the true story of a group that climbed Mt. Everest. Things turn upside down when they face a storm that could end their life. You’ll get to see Jake Gyllenhaal, Kiera Knightly, Jason Clarke and Sam Worthington.

Run Time – 2 hours 1 minute



#5 Captive – 18th September


Captive is the story of a single mother, who’s trying to battle against her drug addiction. Just another night, while returning home, she is taken hostage in her own house by a convict who broke out of jail and shot the judge who handled his case. Based on a true story this thriller stars Kate Mara.

Run Time – 1 hour 37 minutes



#6 Masterminds – 18th September

Masterminds is an action-comedy starring Zack Galifianakis, Owen Wilson and Jason Suedikis. With these three together it has to be a laugh riot. The movies revolves around a nightgaurd’s plan for one of the biggest bank robberies in America’s history. Now, THAT would be something to watch.

Run Time – 1 hour 34 minutes


#7 Pawn Sacrifice – 18th September


If you love Chess, Prawn Sacrifice is for you. This is movie is about a chess player Bobby Fishcer who prepares for a legendary match against Russia’s Boris Spassky.

Run time – 1 hour 56 minutes



#8 Black Mass – 25th September


Let’s just clear something right now; this movie is going to be added to the list of ‘guy movies of all time.’ We kid you not, Depp and Cumberbatch play brothers but at the same time they are two different sides of the coin. It also stars Kevin Bacon and Dakota Johnson and is one of the most awaited releases from the list of Hollywood movies releasing in September.

Run time – 2 hours 2 minutes



#9 The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials – 25th September


Sequel of the popular movie The Maze Runner, this story is about what happens after the Gladers get themselves out of the maze. They are out there in the open trying to beat the challenges and saving their life on every turn. This time, it gets even better.

Run time – 2 hours 9 minutes




Pick up your phone, mark up the dates. It’s better than regretting once the movies are out and gone!

(Source: youtube)

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