Worst fashion blunders that everyone should avoid


Let’s face it, we have all encountered bad make up days and bad hair days. There is no denying that fashion faux pas is a thing that we all dread. After all, nobody wants to be a fashion disaster. When we say common fashion blunders, we are not talking about a particular outfit that could make you counted among the worst dressed people. Instead, we are focusing on those long-held habits or fashion clichés people usually refuse to let go off.

It’s true that fashion is as much about what you should follow as what you should not follow. From not getting things tailored enough, to buying into the idea that you have to get rid of certain things away because they are not stylish, here are few common fashion blunders that you should start remedying right away.

Fashion trends come and go. Many of them resurrect in almost a decade and then get forgotten again. While some fashion trends such as the LBD are timeless, whereas the others like poodle skirts, floppy hats have now become relics from the past.

Some of the items mentioned on our list have either expired or gone to the fashion heaven. So, if you are still wearing any of these things or have stored them in your closet and waiting for their ‘comeback’ moment, please get rid of them immediately.

So, the point is not simply how well you put your makeup on, style your hair, or how expensive is your handbag, but also how well you are able to combine all these things together. After all, a tiny flaw can successfully ruin the complete look. Our list will tell you exactly what most of you are doing wrong.

Platform sneakers

We understand that platform shoes are stylish and help in achieving a taller look. In fact, every fashionista should buy a platform wedge. But platform sneakers? This trend deserves no place in the present and should stay firmly in the past.

1-Platform sneakersImage Source: Platform sneakers

Sweat pants or track suits

Unless you are planning to hit the gym, we suggest, please avoid wearing track suits in public. You don’t look your best, but they end up making you look lazy.

Image source: Sweat pants or track suits2-Sweat pants or track suits

 Too many accessories

Always wear minimal accessories. While, button and hoop earnings complement the daytime look, whereas chandelier earrings and embellished purse are acceptable for an evening look. Stick to simplicity and stand out from the crowd.

3-Too many accessories

Image source: Too many accessories 

Mixing up prints

Avoid mixing too many different prints or patterns together. If you are opting for a patterned suit, choose a solid shirt and a patterned tie and if you’re going for a solid suit, it is preferable to wear a patterned shirt and a tie.

4-Too many prints

Image source: Mixing up prints 

Poor colour combination

For a coordinated look, our style experts are of the opinion that limiting each of your outfits to three colours or shade is best. When selecting an outfit, choose complementary and analogous colours.

5-Too many colours

Image source: Poor colour combination 

Unflattering hairstyles

Always opt for hairstyles that look flattering on you. Hair plays an important part in the overall image building. One can consistently experiment with and upgrade without spending more.

6-Unflattering hairstyles

Image source: Unflattering hairstyles

Wearing trousers too short

Invest in jeans and trousers of different length, ones for low heels and ones for higher heels. Wearing too long jeans with casual flat shoes can cause worn-out hems.


Image source: Short trousers 

Unflattering makeup

Always be clean and look polished. Makeup is good as blusher, mascara and clear powder helps you look polished. The no-makeup look is good for college, not for grown-up life. But please avoid the bright shimmery glosses or eye shadows unless you are attending an evening event.

8-Unflattering makeup

 Image source: Unflattering makeup

Wrong undergarments

If you are looking for a flawless look, this fashion blunder needs to be avoided always. We are talking about the right fit so that the finished look smooth and wrinkle-free.

9-Wrong undergarments

 Image source: Wrong undergarments

Wearing fanny packs

Yes, they were in fashion during the 80s. But sporting a fanny pack in a professional atmosphere is a complete strict no-no.

10-Wearing fanny packs

Image source: Fanny packs

The right choice of clothes and cosmetics has the ability to highlight anybody’s overall sense of style and compliment their best of features. So, choose your style wisely.

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