Top 10 Indian street foods everyone should try


It’s a popular belief that the street food of any nation speaks a lot about its history and culture. When it comes to India, it is famous for offering uniqueness in its cuisine. Many say that you will seldom find an Indian who is not a foodie and all of them love to gorge on street foods. Despite being simple, the exotic flavours of street foods in India are everyone’s all-time favourite. No outing is ever complete without some lip-smacking chaat or kathi roll. So, try out these top 10 Indian street foods and tickle your taste buds.

India is a country where all cuisines witness widespread acceptance. This becomes possible because Indians are usually born foodies and love to hog on different cuisines. In fact, may say that there’s nothing more blissful than trying out different street foods. They are high on taste and easy on the pocket. The aroma of street food is irresistibly tempting and satiates the hunger pangs of everyone.

Follow our advice and forget about fine dining restaurants for a while. After all, some of the best foods are sold on the streets. It doesn’t matter if you skipped your breakfast or having midnight craving, street foods are perfect saviours for all times. Our scrumptious selection of top 10 Indian street foods is sure to leave you in awe. Bon Appetit!

This mouth-watering street food known as ‘Phuchka’ in Kolkata is usually served across India with variation in filling. Also popularly called as ‘Golgappas’, this crunchy fried balls are served with a filling of spicy boiled potatoes along with tamarind water.


Image source: Panipuri

Chole Bhature
Usually served during breakfast hours, this is a combination of deep-fried flour-based breads and spicy chickpeas. Despite being high on calorie, chole bhature tastes heavenly. No Indian winters are complete without crispy and hot Chole bhature.

2-Chole bhature

Image Source: Chole Bhature

Vada Pav
Most commonly found in the streets of Mumbai, this Indian burger comprises of a potato patty, spices and chutney to make it an addictive snack.

3-Vada Pav

Image Source: Vada Pav

Kathi Rolls
Many call these ‘frankies’, the stuffed kathi rolls make for a great fulfilling and budgeted snacks– all in one.

4-Kathi Rolls

Image Source: Kathi Rolls

Pav Bhaji
This drool-worthy dish is the hot favourites during winters. This spicy assortment of veggies with buns coated with butter tastes absolutely mind boggling.

5-Pav Bhaji

Image Source: Pav Bhaji 

These dumplings made with flour are stuffed with chicken usually. This meaty goodness of steamed and fried versions is available across India and served with red chilli sauce.


Image Source: Momos

Idly and Sambhar
Most preferred during breakfast time, Idlies are steamed rice cakes which are accompanied with coconut chutney and hot sambhar.

7-Idly and Sambhar

Image Source: Idly and Sambhar

Bhel Puri
This assortment of puffed rice, peanuts, mixed variety of chutney and fine sev makes every foodie crave for more. This crunchy Indian street food is light and is a quick snack option for the calorie-conscious people.

8-Bhel Puri

Image Source: Bhel Puri

It’s best to bite into these calorie busters when hot. The crispy crust, spiced potatoes and peas can be your perfect companion during monsoons.


Image Source: Samosa

Khandvi & Dhokla
These super healthy, versatile snacks require no frying and are usually accompanied with tamarind and mint-coriander chutneys.


Image Source: Khandvi & Dhokla


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These street foods reflect the cosmopolitan culture of India and this list is not exhaustive as there’s still so much more amazing stuff one can try in this country.

Please share your list of favourites in the comments below.

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