Reasons why Game of Thrones season 5 is a snooze fest!


We’re pretty sure all Game of Thrones fans out there are sort of disappointed with how season 5 has turned out so far. Things are let’s just say… drab. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Here’s a look at a few characters that have proved to be extremely disappointing for us episode after episode!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1) Khaleesi – Well somebody’s lost the plot here and is behaving like Sansa Stark! Yes, we have never come across a more confused character than Daenerys Targaryen especially when she decided to marry Hizdahr zo Loraq from the ancient family in Meereen while fornicating with her mercenary captain Daario Naharis. Now what’s that all about? We feel like holding her by the shoulders and shaking her real hard to do something better if she wants to be the queen of the seven kingdoms! Also, a word of advice – being ruthless to innocent souls is NOT what we expect from her.


2) Sansa Stark – There’s not much to talk about Sansa here. Just like the previous seasons, the damsel in distress (quite perpetually) doesn’t have a lot to do this season either (apart from erm… getting raped by her not-so-loving husband Ramsay Bolton)! Sansa! WAKE UP!!!! Trust no one in Winterfell! You still have friends in the north remember? (And Theon Greyjoy isn’t one of them). Get a grip of yourself, light that candle in the high tower and for lords’ sake start trusting the right people (Hint: Lady Brienne of Tarth)

Sansa Stark

3) King Tommen – Hey there little one, how about behaving like a real king? Your wife’s in prison, your brother-in-law is in the prison and NOW YOUR MOTHER IS IN THE PRISON!!!! That’s very kingly of you. We need war or some action since you have enough reasons to stand up and do something that would finally make history.


4) Arya Stark – Training to be a master assassin under Jaqen H’ghar (the Faceless Man)? Really? We expected you to pull out great guns and take revenge for your family. All those seasons you’ve been chanting names of people you wanted dead made us believe you’d come up with a plan, a smart plan by a 15 year old. But scrubbing floors and cleaning corpses wasn’t a part of the agenda now, was it?

Arya Stark

5) Jorah Mormont – Trying to earn brownie points by capturing Tyrion Lannister to impress your Khaleesi? We must say it was a good idea indeed but then like they say ‘life’s what happens while you’re busy making other plans’; in your case – well, sh*t happened’. Ser Jorah was expected to be back with a big bang but now the best option for him is to only worry about not turning into one of those stone men! Wake us up when that’s over!

Jorah Mermont

6) Theon Greyjoy – Reek, boy you only ‘reek’ of cowardice, treachery and contempt! How about showing some mercy for the girl you grew up with? Don’t make us hate you more than we hated Geoffrey! Be a man, believe us – you don’t really need ‘man parts’ to act like one! Your face makes us angry and bored at the same time. Enough said!

Theon Greyjoy

So there! Season 5 you’ve been not-so-good this far! Please pick up! Your fans have high hopes with the lead characters (to say the least)! And for heaven’s sake – WHERE the heck is winter?!?

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