11 most common phrases you’ll hear from a hung-over person


Had a heavy night? This post is for those of you who are tired of dealing with their ‘alcohol enthusiast’ friends. Here’s a list of things people say when they are hung-over and how you should react to them. Take a look!

1. Sh*t I’m so hungover!

Now that’s a classic one. Let’s face it! Each one of us, at some point, has said it (unless you’re a teetotaler). But encountering those golden words coming from your peers must seem like a common phenomenon. Perhaps it’s time you make your peace with it!


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2. I need to go on a detox

‘No Soda. No Carbs. No Alcohol. Period!’ But the real question is – Will it last long before you find yourself sitting again at the bar counter making merry with the sweet poison of life?

hungover phrase

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3. I could really use a power nap!

Agreed! Power naps always help. But what was the point of getting up early in the first place if you really had to tell me that?


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4. Please get some red bull for me?

You might want to add a little vodka to that! I mean life’s all about having fun right? If red bull makes you active, believe me – a little alcohol with it would do wonders. Like they say, only poison can cure poison!


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5. Wait! Did that happen last night?

You don’t wanna know that! Take my word. How about I text you later and tell you when you’re not in front of me?! It will save us both the embarrassment.


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6. OMG! Who changed my clothes?

Your roommate did. No! You did not get lucky last night. You’re welcome.

Who Changed my Clothes

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7. I think I’m still a little drunk

Are you serious? Wait! Weren’t you that happily-hammered person at the party last night taking selfies with random people? Ring a bell?!


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8. I look like sh*t!

You also smell like sh*t. Sh*t that’s made of vodka.

Most common phrase hungover person use

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9. Why are you talking so loud? It’s annoying!!

Well, the only annoying human being in this room might be you… Going on and on and on about how your head’s going to explode. Run before somebody ties a bomb around you and actually makes you blow up!


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10. Did I text my ex last night?

Maybe you did. Now is the time you should go through your call logs and pictures from last night.

Text your ex


11. God get me through this day!

Leave God alone! Stop drinking so much.

Get me through

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