Yes, it is rape. Just because she didn’t resist doesn’t mean she wanted to sleep with you!


Let’s just start by saying there’s no one in this world who holds the power of judging what’s right and what’s wrong (unless you’re the Almighty). There may be similar opinions and then there would be clashes. Certain social taboos amongst communities and people are sometimes the biggest reasons for failure in offering justice and here’s a perfect example of it.

Arpit Sharma – Part-time Musician, Sapiosexual, Aspiring Single dad (on Quora) and a great soul (that’s what we’d like to call him) wrote a little something on this Q&A website that struck a chord deep inside our hearts and touched us in a totally indescribable way. We felt this needs to be shared with the world. Before having a good laugh over those ‘GB Road’ jokes or how one should never visit that place because it’s just “vile” or simply how great it is, we’d insist that you spare a couple of minutes for something that might….we repeat – MIGHT just change the way you and others think. Take a look.


PS - Thank you Arpit Sharma for sharing this brave yet heartrending story with the world. We sure hope that these little steps would someday change the way the world thinks.

“As kinky it sounds, trust me it is not.

You don’t get to have sex (yeah, you don’t get laid there; you have sex) in spacious rooms. It’s a 4×6 structure, which they call as rooms, where you can barely breathe and most people don’t have an erection for the first time (Yup, I’ve been there and I’m not the only one). You’d see prostitutes fucking 6-7 men or probably more than that in an hour in a suffocating column with sadness in their eyes and frustration & helplessness inside them.

If you’re a little bit soft hearted; you might as well start hating yourself, people, & circumstances. My personal experience taught me this when, while waiting for my “night” to start, I saw a little 1 year girl child playing with her mom (whose husband is a cook there) and other prostitutes were pampering her to overcome their sadness.

It is definitely not one of those places, where even the most hated women on earth belong. Many of the girls, fall into this due to poverty and live to send their earned money to their parents so they can “live”.

I met this women, who was from Nepal; drunk, smoking cigarettes who left her husband in Nepal and came to Delhi. I’m pretty sure she hadn’t planned to become a prostitute and did want to have a life like a normal girl. There was this another old lady (I’m sure she also had to fuck several men in hour in her time); her hair became grey, had wrinkles which were stamped on her face by time. I couldn’t see any hope, happiness in her eyes; not expecting empathy from anyone. I once heard, a person dies when hope inside him dies; she probably had died decades ago and so other girls in there or in any other red-light area.

Building in which they live in, is a 5-storey structure which can shatter with a small earth-shake; well, I guess they don’t have anything to live for anyway. At-least, that’s what I’d think if I were in their place. And, then there are beast like us, so called MEN, who thinks it’s COOL to visit the place at least once in a lifetime to brag about it with their friends. There’s nothing to brag about in one’s suffering. There’s nothing to be proud of penetrating someone who is hollow inside. It’s only cruel to insult a body with boobs & vagina by raping her hundred of times a day. (Yes, it is a rape. Just because she didn’t resist doesn’t mean she wanted to sleep with you.)

Talking about it in hygienic terms, it is definitely not the place where you’d want to stay for more than 5 minutes and these women spend their life in that place. Most girls die in initial phase of their journey.

I wish government legalize prostitution so that if these women cannot escape this slavery then at-least, as a basic human right, can live in hygienic conditions and have some right of a being a human.”

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