Who’s the boss – Matte or Gloss


Lipstick is almost every woman’s favourite makeup product. This little bullet has the power to bring your makeup game up or down within seconds. But lipsticks are not all about the appearance; the real fun comes in finding the consistency you like; matte or gloss. The possibilities are endless. Before getting your pick – a matte lipstick or a shiny lip gloss, find your way through this guide on which one to use and how to make your look last all day.



Glossy Lips

In spite of the fact that glossy lips can sometimes reminds you of your high school days or college days, the truth is that one cannot do without it.. And (*drum rolls), shiny lip gloss has made a comeback. The texture hides those lines so well that it makes you pout every time you wear the gloss. And why not, glossy lips have so much going for them.

#1 If your lips are feeling a little chapped and dry, then glossy lipsticks are perfect for providing your lips with the much-needed moisture and you don’t have to worry about having dry lips all day long.

#2 As far as the application is concerned, it’s very hard to get glossy lips wrong . Applying a lip gloss is the easiest thing ever. You can apply it effortlessly even without a mirror in your hand. No prepping required, just swipe it on and you’re sorted. 

#3 The best part, that shine and glossiness on your lips adds a plumping element making your lips look fuller and youthful. Now, who doesn’t love that?

Lip gloss goes with pretty much everything and that’s why it’s a versatile product. No matter what makeup look you are aiming for, it will complement you in the best way possible. 

Tip: Avoid wearing sheer lip gloss or glossy lipstick with open hair especially on a windy day. The sticky gloss can make your hair stick to your lips.


Matte Lips

Matte lipsticks have been a classic trend even before Kylie Jenner put them on the map. It’s all about the colour here. Bold or vibrant, matte lips are hard to ignore. Matte lips never go out of style and look fantastic when done right. And mind you, they never will. Here’s what going for them.

#1 Opt the matte way, when you are looking forward to making a statement with your makeup. Whether you choose a liquid matte lipstick or a lip pencil, nothing screams statement as much as they do.

#2 Matte lipsticks are nothing but plain effortless. It can instantly elevate a makeup look without doing much. Bare skin with matte lips, and you’re ready to step out of your home.

#3 Smudging? What’s that? Matte lipsticks are a lot more manageable. No sticky-icky bits here. And most matte lipsticks are formulated with long lasting power, ensuring that you don’t have to go for touch-ups frequently.

Matte lips look best in bold hues like oxblood, plum, deep reds and more. From a party to an after-party, matte lipsticks will last through everything and you can get from happy hours to after-hours without even reapplying.

Tip: Don’t wear a matte lipstick if you have cracked or dry lips. Make sure to exfoliate them a night before for best results


So now, you know every bit about matte and gloss lips, have fun experimenting with both of them. Try bold matte colours and sheer lip glosses because either way it’s a win-win situation for you. (*wink)


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