What Whatsapp’s ‘Blue Ticks’ mean for different sets of people in your life


Are you also struggling to accept the changes that were automatically introduced into your life on Tuesday night in the form of those evil Blue ticks? So are we! Here’s a list of interpretations for those evil ticks for different people in your life.

For people who are not familiar with the purpose of these blue ticks, the blue ticks are essentially read receipts for your whatsapp messages. Not just an acknowledgement of the fact that the message was read, these ticks also tell you the time when the message was delivered and the time it was read.

  1. For your best friend

Your best friend probably won’t even bother to check those blue ticks when it comes to you. If you don’t reply to your best friend’s message, you know a call is coming your way.

For friends

  1. For your parents

The only super power your mom needed comes in the form of these blue ticks. Finding out how long it took for you to reply to her message will now come in the form of a screenshot that will be shoved into your face during the why-are-you-so-late conversation.

for parents

  1. For your girlfriend/wife

This feature is a blessing for your girlfriend especially for all those times you were too busy playing your video game or dodging her messages. We are sorry to break this to you, but your happy there-was-a-network-connectivity-issue life is over. Expect a spreadsheet with details of the time difference between the time the message was delivered and the message was read coming your way soon.

for girlfriend

  1. For your boyfriend

Boyfriend to girlfriend: Babe, I don’t use whatsapp anymore *finds another messaging app*

boyfriend gif

  1. For your boss

If you have a whatsapp-friendly boss, time to take things over text messages or emails. It won’t be very easy to outsmart him on whatsapp now that there are read receipts as proof of your negligence for that performance review meeting.

for boss

  1. For your stalker

One word – BLOCK! Can’t be the please-everyone person anymore. If you have a stalker on Whatsapp things might get messier knowing the fact that the other party knows their messages are getting delivered to you and in some cases even read by you.

stalker gif


Image source: All images sourced from www.giphy.com

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