Valentine’s Day is so much fun when you’re single!


Wondering what to do on the so called ‘day of love’? The answer should be – Nothing! That’s right, stay home and enjoy that friggin’ Saturday in bed doing nothing at all. Or better yet, no matter what plan your other friends have with their respective loved ones, here’s what all you can do to have some fun while flaunting your “single” status. Take a look.

  1. Call up your friends with special plans and ask them why they celebrate Valentine’s?

Chances are your friend who has been planning to make this day oh-so-special with his/her special someone has no clue about the history behind Valentine’s Day! And in a situation like this, perhaps you could engage yourself with their answers and maybe write a funny blog about it? (Who knows it might just go viral and make you famous).


  1. Do a horror movie marathon!

There’s nothing better than to go against all clichés on this day. Rent a few horror movies and watch them all back to back, like a boss! Trust us, this way you’d save a lot of money and you won’t have to drag your a** out of bed all day! Our suggestion – Start with the ‘Insidious’ movies (if you haven’t seen them already).


  1. Alcohol!

Who says day drinking is bad? Or day-to-the-evening-till-the-night drinking is bad either? Here’s what you gotta do… call up a few of your fun friends (who are single to be precise) and grab a bottle of your favourite sweet poison and… we don’t need to spell the rest out, do we?! PS – do not forget to b*tch about your other friends who are currently out on stupid dates. Stupid!


  1. Cry about not having a date this year either. (NOT)

If that makes it 5 years in a row, you’re awesome! Buying presents, planning something special, getting hectic… guess what? You just saved yourself from all that trouble all these years while your committed friends were going through that insanity over this super-hyped day. Therefore, do not! We repeat Do NOT feel bad about not having a ‘special someone’ just because it’s Valentine’s Day!


  1. Gift yourself something stupid and funny

Fine, you are allowed to be a little (a tiny bit) dramatic if nothing works. Go out or just go online and shop for something for yourself. Pampering yourself is your prerogative that no one else can compete with. At the end of the day, it’s you who knows exactly what would make you happy.


  1. Concoct schemes about all the things you could do to your friends with special plans

Time to get a little nasty! How about some fun at the expense of your friends who have been annoying the cr*p outta you over this day since forever? Devise a wicked little scheme to play a harmless prank on your annoying couple friends. Though make sure that you don’t go overboard and end up ruining their most-awaited date!


  1. Spend time with those who actually love you unconditionally– Your family!

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is not just about spending it with your better half. How about you spend some quality time with your folks, take them out and pamper them. Treat this day as just another occasion to express your love for them. It will be a great gesture from your side, especially for your parents! There is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with the people who really care about you.


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