Top hairstyles for women in 2015


Whether tight, embellished, slicked back, pulled high or worn down in loose waves, the top hairstyles for women in 2015 all have one thing in common: length. Ladies, long hair is back in fashion and it’s cooler than ever. So grow out your bobs and plan a transition. Just quickly browse our collection of 2015’s latest hairstyle trends for women and up your style quotient in a jiffy.

While most of you are spending time to overhaul your wardrobe with the hottest fashion trends, it’s also time to consider updating your hairstyle as well. After all, 2015 is all about well-defined hairstyles. According to our style gurus, the fashion of long hair is making it big this year. Our suggestions are approachable and part of everyday looks that you would absolutely love to flaunt without hesitation.

From slicked side parts to the textured low buns, take a quick look through our gallery below for some of this year’s top hairstyles for women that are worth trying out.

Deconstructed chignon

This perfect example of ‘uptown’ look comes with a combination of elegance and wearability. It’s easy to get this look – just pull the hair into a ponytail, keeping it flat on the sides of the head with a little volume on the top and twisted it around leaving the ends out. If you are looking for an edgy makeover, this deconstructed hairstyle can be happily reconstructed on your own without any fuss in the shortest time possible.

1-Deconstructed Chignon

Image source: Deconstructed chignon

Flattering middle part

We are delighted that it is part of 2015’s top hairstyles for women. Middle part can be created by braiding sections of the hair and running a flat iron over them before letting them out. It keeps the style casual and suits almost every occasion from concert to shopping with the girls.

2-middle part

Image source: Flattering middle part

Deep side part

The slick side part hairstyle is high on glamour and low on prep-time. It is easy to achieve and can be worn it anyway – right, left, up, down, wet or dry. It works well for all hair lengths and face shapes. This non-fussy hairdo works perfectly with statement makeup and wardrobe choices. Making it big at the runway, this hairstyle can change your look with no effort at all.

3-Deep side part

Image source: Deep side part

Tucked in hair

Tucking the hair in your scarf, turtleneck or even coat is functional and laid-back both. Spotted across International runways, this is the most convenient way to hide that awkward-length hair. All the lazy girls out there, this beauty hack can make you look chic, playful and coy.  This trend gives the perfect illusion of shorter-looking hair and can be attained with a big scarf or shawl as well. The loose strands will bring out the girl within you.

4-Hair-tuck style

Image source: Tucked in hair

Long slick ponytail

Simple, sleek ponytails are bang on trend this year. They work well with corporate attire or evening gown both. Every woman should consider adding this easy to create ponytail to their repertoire of everyday looks. It’s time to forget the bob, the lob or collarbone grazing lengths as long hair is here to stay. Ladies, it’s time to pony up as this doable style can go from day-to-night.

5-Long slick ponytail

Image source: Long slick ponytail

Wet/Grunge look

While this hairstyle brings out the rebellious side, it is most suitable for everyday wear. The hairstyle offers a more dishevelled effect and features no parting. To get this versatile look, the hair on the top is scrunched up making use of mattifying and texturizing powder. This looks works on any type of hair, irrespective of its cut and length. The best part is, you can center part it, side sweep it, twist it or even half-braid it. Just apply some ‘wet look’ gel at the roots and you are good to go.

6-WetGrunge look

Image source: Wet/Grunge look

Classic topknot

Without doubt, the topknot is effortlessly sexy and as versatile as a little black dress.

Instead of throwing your hair into a bun, try out the sleek and easy topknots for a quick elegant look and highlight the best facial features. We guarantee that the topknot look will turn heads, make a drab outfit look awesome and keep you cool at the same time.

7-Classic topknot

Image source: Classic topknot

Side swept bangs

The popular side swept bangs is an incredible way to freshen up your overall look, highlight the eyes and bone structure. The angled side bangs is a great style for any face shape and suitable for all – work, play or even the red carpet.

8-Side swept bangs.

Image source: Side swept bangs

Hair contouring with highlights

Carving out supermodel cheekbones is a tough task for any of us with busy weekday morning plans? Believe it or not, but making your face look more chiselled and styling your mane, through highlights is achievable with hair contouring. The latest fad which is breaking the Internet can sculpt your face with the meticulously placed highlights and lowlights.

9-Hair contouring with highlights

Image source: Hair contouring with highlights

Mermaid waves

One of the most sought-after hair trends, mermaid waves are meant for those who want red carpet appeal. Famous celebrities like Blake Lively, Beyonce, Kate Hudson and more have often incorporated variety of mermaid waves into their best looks for quick elegant style. The perfect fairytale hair continues to look great when it becomes messier.

10-Mermaid waves

Image source: Mermaid waves

Feeling the itch to go for a style right away? Do let us know in the comments below which top hair trend you will be sporting.

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