Top Foods to avoid this Monsoon


Is the monsoon showers making you reach out for hot, brewing cup of Masala Tea and piping hot Pakoras? It’s time to stop right away. Yes, we understand that the rainy season brings much respite from the summer heat, but at the same time, they are responsible for causing infections. In this post, we have listed out top foods to avoid this monsoon so that you stay healthy and active.

The feeling is awesome when the chill in the air and raindrops splashing against the window panes during monsoons makes you crave for good food. So, are you planning to spend your rainy days with all curled up on the couch watching your favourite movies munching lip-smacking top monsoon foods? Wait right there. Before you plan to indulge in some monsoon delicacies and feel tempted to visit your local roadside eatery, quickly go through our list of the top foods to avoid as monsoon are responsible for bringing a plethora of diseases with them.


Yes, it’s true that you should avoid seafood such as prawns, crabs, fish during the monsoon time. Fresh seafood is a scarce during rainy days as it is the breeding season for these creatures. Keep a check on your sushi cravings to avoid stomach infections this monsoon.


Image Courtesy: Seafood

Fried Delicacies

As the humidity levels are usually high during monsoons, fried foods’ consumption should be avoided as it negatively impacts the digestive capability of the body.

2-Fried Delicacies (1)

Image Courtesy: Fried Delicacies

White Rice

During monsoons, the consumption of white rice causes swelling and water retention. It is always better to opt for either brown or unpolished rice as weak digestive systems are common on rainy days.


Image Courtesy: White Rice 

Red Meat

As red meat is difficult to digest, they are best avoided during monsoons. We suggest opting for cold chicken salad as they offer high fibre.

4-Red Meat

Image Courtesy: Red Meat

Pre-Cut Fruits

Raw and chopped fruits kept in the open should be strictly avoided during monsoons as the enhanced level of moisture in the air pushes the bacteria to stick to raw foods.

5-Pre-Cut Fruits

Image Courtesy: Pre-Cut Fruits

Leafy Vegetables

Since they are grown in swamps, the presence of grime and dampness makes them susceptible to germs. Studies prove that insects usually nest on leafy greens like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli during monsoons. In fact, Bitter gourd should be frequently eaten during rainy weather.

Eat Your Greens

Image Courtesy: Leafy Vegetables

Fresh Juices from Roadside Vendors

Avoid drinking fresh juices from the local vendors as they are kept in open and are prone to fatal infections. It is best to go for packed juices or beverages made using home set curd.

7-Fresh Juices from Roadside Vendors

Image Courtesy:  Fresh Juices

Carbonated Drinks

They are responsible for lowering the minerals in the body, which impacts the enzyme activity. During monsoons, ginger tea and Nimbu Paani are the best bets to stay healthy.

8-Carbonated Drinks

Image Courtesy: Carbonated Drinks


All of us desire for a hot plate of chat during the monsoons. But, if you keen to avoid the monsoon maladies, street foods like Pani puri, Pav bhaji should be treated as a complete no-no.


Image Courtesy: Chaat

Mustard Oil

If you want to lower the vulnerability of your body to infections, avoid mustard and sesame oil. Most doctors suggest patients with poor digestion to go for corn oil or olive oil during this season.


Image Courtesy: Mustard Oil

Do you want to make any additions to the list? Please share you opinion in the comments below.


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