Top 5 best preserved mummies from around the world


A mummy is a corpse of a human or animal that has been preserved after death. When we think of mummies, Egypt is the country our mind reverts to for reference. While Egyptian mummies have been made popular through pop culture, many other countries have yielded well-preserved mummies too. The well-preserved mummies look more alive than dead; like they have only been sleeping.

From the ancient to the more recent mummies of the 19th century, here are the top 5 best-preserved mummies from around the world.


#1 Rosalia Lombardo (1918-1920), Italy

The well preserved body of little Rosalia resides in the catacombs of Capuchin in Palermo, Sicily. On her death due to pneumonia in 1920, her grieved father made the decision to embalm and preserve her forever. She is often referred to as “sleeping beauty”.



#2 La Doncella (Death estimated between 1450-1480 AD), South America

Sacrificed more than 500 years ago and discovered in 1999, an Incan girl nicknamed “La Doncella” has remained so well preserved, that she resembles more a sleeping child than an ancient victim of ritual sacrifice. No special care was taken by the Incas to preserve her body, but the cold and dry air of the Andes did all the work naturally.



#3 The Cherchen Man (Died around 1000 BC), China

What’s interesting about this mummy is that he’s a Caucasian yet he was discovered buried in China. The clothes he was wearing are as baffling as mummy himself; perfectly preserved, they are made of European wool.



#4 Ramses the Great (1303 BC- 1213 BC), Egypt

The list of top-preserved mummies would certainly feel amiss without a mention of Egyptian mummies. Ramses II is one of the greatest Pharaohs to have ruled Egypt; his body has been well preserved and is in good shape to this day.



#5 Tollund Man (390 BC- 350 BC), Denmark

The Tollund man was possibly hung to death as a human sacrifice. The body is so well preserved that one can outline the wrinkles and trace the shape of his face perfectly. Hard to believe that this man lived in the pre-iron age!


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