This International Beer Day, we give you seven legit reasons to have beer!


People who love beer are probably aware that today is International Beer Day all because it’s just another reason for us to gulp down another pint and then another and another and so on… you know how it is with us beer lovers. Not that we need a reason to have beer but because it’s just that good. Believe me, if there was any way to replace beer with water, it’d have been done by now.

The best part about being a beer chugger is, nobody thinks you’re an alcoholic. Because according to some people beer isn’t even an alcoholic beverage and we’re fine with that. Say what you will, beer does stand out when it comes to alcohol.

Being International Beer Day, we’re going to give you beer lovers seven pretty legit reasons to taste that divine thing without being judged (only if you care that you’re being judged). So, here, read on and celebrate! But note this, we aren’t encouraging you get drunk out of your mind!



#1 Coming home all tired from work

Most beer lovers like to be equipped with their beer because out of all the times you’ll need a beer is when you come back home from work. Doesn’t matter how late or how early, you’ve worked your ass off and it’s time to relax and chill out.*Pops a beer*!

#2 It’s the best hangover cure

The only hangover cure that has actually worked like magic is your beloved beer. Other remedies like your comfort food can be too much hassle to deal with. Just go to the fridge, find the most chilled beer and see your day getting better. *Pops a beer*

#3 When you’re bored… that’s pretty legit

There’s nothing on TV, you’re too broke to go out and you’ve finished the all the sitcoms you were watching. Basically, you’re bored AF and there’s nothing to entertain you. Until you realize, there’s beer in the fridge. *Pops a beer*

#4 When you’re happy! Why not!

Got a job, a promotion, moving in with your girlfriend, friends getting married or the simple joy of receiving your salary? Whatever makes you happy calls for a beer! Hell, buy a six pack! *Pops a beer*

#5 You’re home but you’re out of water

Well, that just sucks, doesn’t it? Little does the world know, beer IS your water! #GoodLife *Pops a beer*

#6 You’re in the mood to have some beer?

There’s no explanation for this, if you’re in the mood, you go and buy yourself a beer! Why wouldn’t you have a beer if you’re in the mood? If you don’t drink it’s going to kill your mood, why do that to yourself? *Pops a beer*

#7 Well, International Beer Day?

Your favourite drink in the world has got a day named after itself. You should be happy for beer. And you should be celebrating by drinking it, by telling how great it tastes and what you would do without it? You catching my drift? From one beer lover to another. *Pops a beer*

Whatever you do, drink responsibly and don’t drive. Stay alive so you can have more beer. Cheers, lads!

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