Things you can do when you’re out with a couple and they start to fight!


Many of us have got friends who turned into couples with time and all you want is to have someone by your side when you look at them. You hang out together as a third wheeler and it’s always sweet to see them together and available for each other. But all your thoughts on getting into a relationship take a dive from a plane, without a parachute when you see them fighting and it’s everything from awkward to funny if you’re witnessing it for the first time. You know you should not be interfering but there are a few things you can do to kill time till they’re done fighting (which may never happen at least on that very evening). Here are the things you can do when you’re out with a couple and they start to fight!

NOTE: We are not encouraging you, but these are a few things we will do if we are in your shoes. And to us, those shoes would be mighty comfortable. We’re sure.

#1 Take a walk, maybe

You don’t have to deal with their drama since you didn’t sign up for this, take a walk. And just call them later and ask if they’re done fighting? There’s no way to put that question nicely. You might just want to drop it.



#2 Laugh

Took a walk and back at your seat just to find them still fighting about some random thing that makes no sense to you. But then again, you have the ability to make nonsensical things funny right? Do that for your own entertainment. Your inner self might ask you, “How do I stop this?!” Don’t! Have some fun in life!



#3 Drink their alcohol

Your drink is finished and before you order more it’s your decency to ask your friends what they’d like to have. But since they have more crappy topics to discuss and stretch their fight, it’s going to cost them. Your couple friends have to make it up to you for making you listen to their rants. Drink their alcohol while they’re busy gauging each other’s eyes out. When you’re at it, thank the Lord you’re single.

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#4 Play the peacemaker… or the Devil

Start with the basics, tell them they look cute when they fight like little puppies (they deserve some mild sarcasm) and if it starts to work out you guys can enjoy the rest of the evening. If not, be the a–hole they never knew you were, add fuel to the fire. *evil laugh*



#5 Make a video, so you can laugh at them later

Be discreet, like they are on “Emotional Attyachaar”. You don’t have to be Scorsese for this. Even better, upload it on Snapchat with a caption like, “So hot when they’re at it!” so people know what you’re going through. You have all the reasons to do so.



#6 Shop online!?!

Well, why the hell not. When they can put up a fight and make you feel all awkward. You shop online! And piss them off by asking their suggestions.

Be like, “Timeout, guys! I need your opinions on the shirt!”



#7 Selfie!

Let them fight. You be the cool one. While they’re on, take a selfie with couple in the background. #TheSingleLife



#8 Mimic them

That’s how you get the attention from the people who forgot you were there with them. Oh, but you are on your own after you have their attention and they’re giving you ‘The look’.



#9 Ask them if they’re still your ride home

Be soft and easy, tell them they can go back to fighting but you need to know if they’re still driving you back home before any one of them just gets up and leave. Wrong day to ditch the car, the joke might just be on you.



#10 Play a game

Running out of options? Why not grow crops on Farmville! Play a darn game and whenever you lose, curse and yell. They can’t be the only one embarrassing you. Return the favour.



#11 Call your friends

Ask your couple friends if you can invite a few friends over because since they’re busy fighting and you are bored as f*ck!



#12 Interrupt them

Now, it’s your duty to relax the heated atmosphere, read some funny posts from Instagram, Tweet and tag them. Write on their Facebook wall! Basically, the motive is annoying the crap out of them.



#13 Show some skill

Ask for their attention repeatedly and when you have it show them you can moonwalk and then moonwalk out of the room. Tell them who the boss is!



So that was our list of the things you can do when you’re out with a couple. If we’ve missed out on any idea, do let us know in the comments below!

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