The ultimate guide to Korean beauty regimen


Koreans are famous for their porcelain, clean skin and their skincare routine is no monkey business. It is impossible to find any Korean woman who does not have flawless and hauntingly beautiful skin. So how do Koreans get such amazing skin? Or are they just too blessed to be stressed about any skin imperfections? Well the answer lies in the hardcore Korean beauty regimen.

While for most of us, a regular skin care regime is only limited to cleansing, toning and moisturising; the Korean beauty regimen is a multi-step, time-consuming process that they swear by and start at an early age.

Korean women are all about layering and have mastered the art of layering. And that is exactly how they have benefited by treating their skin at the right time with intense moisturising.

The Korean beauty regimen is quite different from any other beauty regimens followed across the world. Here’s how you can also get blemish free, dewy skin just like the Koreans by following the world famous Korean beauty regimen.

Step 1: Wash away by double cleansing

Korean women follow a two-step regime for face cleansing. They start off by using an oil-based face cleanser to remove their makeup and other impurities such as dust. They then use a soap-based, foam cleanser that cleans the skin throughout and removes excess oil, sweat and left over dust and makeup.


Step 2: Buff and exfoliate

Koreans exfoliate their skin on a regular basis and sometimes exfoliate only on the target areas such as the T-zone or cheeks where they are more prone to blackheads/ whiteheads/ excessively oily or dry skin. Koreans prefer using a mild, natural, sugar based scrub that gently cleans and removes the dead skin.   


Step 3: Refreshing with toners

‘Toners’ are often termed as ‘refreshers’ in the Korean beauty glossary. They help remove pollutants and any residue from the cleansers and prep it for the next step while restoring the skin’s PH level.

Korean toners are less harsh and drying as compared to toners used elsewhere. They are hydrating yet clarifying.

Step 4: The ‘Essence’

Regarded as the most essential part of the Korean beauty regimen, essences are nourished liquid concentrates that contain active ingredients that work on the skin at cellular levels and cell regeneration.


Step 5: Ample of ‘Ampoule’

Ampoule is commonly called serum in the West and is more concentrated as compared to essences. Another important step in the Korean beauty regimen, Ampoule, is the one solution for all your skin problems like ageing, dull skin, scars, uneven skin tone etc. Ampoule helps in brightening the skin, removing sun-spots and it also firms and hydrates the skin at cellular level.  


Step 6: The sheet mask

Korean beauty regimen includes use of sheet masks twice a week for maximum effectiveness. They are available in different varieties focusing on your target areas. They are also available in different shapes for you to focus on specific areas like under-eyes, nose, area around your lips etc.  The Korean beauty market has different masks like clarifying, hydrating, whitening, anti-aging etc.


Step 7: Eyeing the eye cream

Koreans believe that prevention is better than cure. They apply a thick eye cream twice a day to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness under their eyes.


Step 8: Adding moisture

In order to seal all the products in, Koreans add another layer in their daily routine. They hydrate their skin with a thick layer of moisturiser and emulsify the skin. They use a light moisturising cream with SPF for the day and a thick moisture rich cream for the night.


Step 9: Sleeping with a mask on

Sleeping masks are a very important part of the Korean beauty regimen. Sleeping masks provide an extra dose of hydration and restore firmness of the skin proving a dewy glow next morning.


That’s not it! Korean beauty regimen also includes regular facials at frequent intervals. Koreans prefer home facials, they regularly steam their face and use different kinds of massage oils and facial creams at home that help in stimulating facial muscles, slimming down the face and cleaning the skin for a healthy, dewy glow.

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