The top 10 being presented at E3


With a vast arsenal of games being presented at E3, the big 3 Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo plan to fully utilise their next gen consoles by providing some of the most amazing games to the audience.

Not everyone has the time to watch the entire coverage of everything being showcased at E3, so here’s a list of the biggest and best titles you should look forward to this week.


 1) The Last Guardian

The ever classic shadow of colossus after so long finally gets its sequel bringing an end to the trilogy. Keeping information under wraps and by delaying the release date, Sony opens their show by bringing out the big guns by showing in game footage of The Last Guardian. All aboard the hype train.

The last Guardian

2) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Sony keeps their fans gripped to their seats by revealing game play footage and mechanics of Uncharted 4. Being an ace in Sony exclusives, this game needs to reach the expectations and for doing so it has been delayed to 2016. We shall hear more about it this week.


3) No Man’s Sky

With a few teasers given here and there and the release date kept hidden, No Man’s Sky is definitely one of the most awaited games this year. The biggest sandbox game of all time, No Man’s Sky steals the show at E3. Watching its coverage is a must for every game lover.

no mans sky

4) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The ultimate fusion of stealth, RPG, hack & slash and exploration finally hits the next gen consoles. Its prequel is ranked among the best action game and the fans cannot wait to find out what the 3rd installment has to offer.  The trailer released earlier this week had us more than hooked.

dues ex

5) Halo 5: Guardians

Microsoft won’t just let Sony steal the show. Xbox’s exclusive trump card Halo comes out with their 5th installment Halo 5 which already has immense competition. However, to make the cut, Halo 5 has to be top notch. Watching its coverage should be worth your while.

halo 5

6) Need for Speed

For all those gamers whose inner racer is just waiting to go all out. Rejoice! The NFS reboot provides a hella lot more features and for the first time it has a convincing story mode with different paths. But in the end it’s all about racing and to know more about that we’ll just have to wait and watch.


7) Metal Gear Solid 5

As the grand finale to glorious metal gear solid series, Konami will present nothing less than a solid 10/10 to its fans. Even those who aren’t big fans of the series should watch its coverage because every metal gear trailer is like a mini movie. Truly inspiring.

metal gear solid 5

8) Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

An E3 without an assassin creed title just wouldn’t be an E3. Presenting the new add on in the series, Syndicate is absolutely unique  by providing two protagonists and attracting a larger crowd by introducing its first playable female assassin. Its coverage is expected to have the highest audience by far.



In this E3 , one of the biggest reboot titles definitely has to be DOOM. The classic game gets revamped in such an intense way that just a sneak peek at the game makes you wanna buy it. Looking forward to this one.


10) Fallout 4

Saving the best for the last, Fallout 4 gets all the hype and sweeps the crowd. With a vast array of new features and the freedom to customise your character and the world around you, Fallout 4 is living up to its title. If you have to save money to buy a game, this is it.

fallout 4

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