Returning TV shows you must watch in 2015


Blocking our favourite TV show’s returning date in a brand new calendar gives us more pleasure than marking birthdays and anniversaries. If you are also just like us then get your markers out and make note of the following important dates of the year. Here’s a list of eight returning TV shows in 2015 that you must look out for. For those of you, who haven’t seen any of these, please run marathon weekends and get with it!

#1 Downtown Abbey, Season 5 – Returned on 4th January

The Crawley family is back with Downtown Abbey’s fifth season. This season promises to showcase women as the driving force with many more disasters, heartbreaks and mysteries. Take a look at the trailer to find out more.

#2 Girls, Season 4 – Returned on 11th January

Known as ‘Sex and the City’ of the new generation, Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ returned to the small screen on 11th January. With most characters taking the next step in their lives, the show is all set to take the crazy up a notch this year.

#3 Suits, Midseason premier of Season 4 – 28th January

The second part of Suits’ season 4 is set to premiere on 28th January. The series ended with all the characters in their most vulnerable spot so far, especially with Louis finding out about Mike’s secret. We can’t wait to find out what happens next!


#4 The Walking Dead, mid-season premiere of Season 5 – 8th February  

The remaining episodes of season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ will hit the airwaves on 8th February. New battles and the struggle for survival in this post-apocalyptic drama are all set to make your blood run cold.

#5 House of Cards, Season 3 – 27th February

Frank and Claire finally look like they are falling apart in season three of ‘House of Cards’. The teaser (link below) shows the newly-sworn President Underwood succumbing to the sins of his past. Will Underwood succeed with his evil plans again? Mark your calendar to find out.

#6 Mad Men, Final season – 5th April

The last 7 episodes of the hit period drama ‘Mad Men’ will hit the screens on 5th April. No concrete details of the last part of the series have been unveiled, but it has been said that every episode will be as big as a finale. Does Don Draper finally figure his life out? We’ll find out soon.


#7 Game of Thrones, Season 5 – 12th April  

Ever since Tyrion Lannister decided to take his much-needed revenge in the season 4 finale, the viewers have just been wondering what happens next. We don’t have insights into the new season but here’s all the new characters they are introducing to the series:

#8 Silicon Valley, Season 2 – 12th April

The American sitcom ‘Silicon Valley’ that revolves around the lives of 6 young men struggling to make their start-up work will be back with, hopefully, a new business model. After a very successful first season, this series is back with a new season on 12th April as well.


If you think we’ve missed out any of your favourite shows then do comment below and we will dig out the deets for you!


All pictures and videos sourced from the respective official Facebook/Youtube page

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