12 really awkward situations that happen more often than we’d want!


Ever been in a situation where you have absolutely no idea about what your next reaction should be? All of us have been in these socially awkward situations. They seem so commonplace that they shouldn’t freak us out anymore but alas, that’s never the case!

1. Wearing the same clothes as someone else at a party

Admit it! We all have been there once. If you find yourself stuck in a situation like this, all you gotta do is walk up to that person wearing the same clothes as you and say ‘Hey! I love what you’re wearing!’ (Unless you’re JLO, in that case there’s no need to worry!)

Same Clothes

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2. Bumping into your ex with your current S.O.

Had a bad breakup in the past?! Didn’t it seem like the most terrible thing back then? Well, you were wrong! Bumping into your ex with your current bae is definitely worse! But don’t worry, just introduce them to each other politely and let them do the talking.


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3. When you meet a person and don’t know their name while they call out to you!

You hear your name, you turn around and in your head you keep chanting ‘What’s her name? What’s her name? What’s her name?’ till you realize you’re screwed as she walks up to you.


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4. When someone tells you your fly is open

Whoops! How did that happen? At times like these, just pretend to be the invisible girl from the Fantastic Four series and walk around like a boss!


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5. When your ex decides to marry your cousin and your presence is inevitable

That’s a tricky one! Especially when you know you’ll have to meet the person who’s getting married to your cousin. All we could say to you is – Good luck doing that!

ex marry

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6. When you’re a man and you accidentally walk into the women’s restroom

Pretend that you were looking for someone and get the hell out of there!

ladies toilet

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7. Taking a dump in a public restroom

Well you’ve been inside the washroom forever and there’s a queue outside waiting for that creep (you!) to come out. Despite how hard you’ve been trying to make the process as silent as possible, those judgmental looks coming your way are inevitable! #JustSaying


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8. Pushing a door that says pull

That’s a classic one! Everybody does it. EVERYBODY!


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9. Bumping into your boss at the mall while you’ve called in sick at work!

So you called in sick at work and decided to get some beer with your friends at the mall. Here’s what you should NOT do when your boss spots you and drops in to say Hi – 1. Pretend that you don’t know him. 2. Look through him. 3. Grab your stuff and run.


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10. Asking someone at the store for a different style of clothing and then realising they don’t work there

There’s really no covering up for that. Maybe a slow moon walk in the opposite direction can help you get out of there fast enough.


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11. When you hug someone while they were going for a subtle handshake

Unless he’s your girlfriend’s dad, you’re ok!


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12. Buying condoms!

Enough said!

buying condoms

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