PURNAM: An endeavour for a cause


PURNAM is a noble endeavour that started with an intention to encourage upcoming entrepreneurs from across India to come together and display their work on a large scale. A one-of-a-kind lifestyle exhibition, PURNAM was conceputalised by four volunteers of the NGO Akshay Pratishthan; Indu Gupta, Jani Dhingra, Sarita Baluja and Saroj Bhatia. We caught up with them recently and here are the excerpts from their interview:

An organisation started by four spirited workers of the NGO Akshay Pratishthan, PURNAM, encourages striving entrepreneurs from across the country to showcase their talent to a large pool of buyers.

Jani Dhingra: We four ladies, we’ve known each other for 20 years working as volunteers for Akshay Pratishthan and we started our own PURNAM since 2006. And we started by going to Ludhiana first to Punjab, Jalandhar and Chandigarh and then in Delhi also we were invited by the other NGos to do fundraising for them.

Sarita Baluja: PURNAM was conceptualised in 2006 driven by the objective of opening avenues for those willing to exhibit their product lines. We wanted to create a platform that optimises the talent from across the country within domestic geographies and also internationally. We got a chance to showcase indigenous talent abroad when we found a coordinator in Dubai, who wanted us to put up an exhibition here.


Saroj Bhatia: We have been holding exhibitions during Raksha Bandhan for four years because entrepreneurs really want to display their product lines at that time of the year. Also, because of the festivities the products sell very well.

Indu Gupta: We’ve got this exhibition coming up on 16th December in Eros hotel in Nehru place, and we did one exhibition in July and we thought that winter is the right time to do an exhibition because lots of weddings and festivities go on in December and January, March so we are doing it in Eros hotel. We have got a lot of hope for the future; we are planning to do two exhibitions in Delhi and maybe one out of the country and one within the country.


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