Problems every Delhiite faces on a normal day


There’s no two ways about the fact that Delhiites are very proud of the city they live in. They have great malls to shop at and amazing places to eat at but like every other place in the world, Delhi comes with its own set of problems too. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these few problems every Delhiite faces on a normal day, well almost.

#1) Traffic

Every Delhiite is aware of what’s coming their way when they leave their workplace or home. Delhi traffic has killed more plans than a sudden change in weather. 

04-incredible-in-car- (1)


#2 Pollution

That moment when you step out of your car and breathe in a fresh whiff of air only to realise that you are choking on an LIIT of various toxic gases in the air.


#3 Parking

Delhiites loves their vehicles whether it’s a bike or a car. But, things get real when you realise that there is no place to leave them other than the reserved parking spot outside your house. And this problem starts before you start working, early on in the day paving way for the other problems that are waiting for you. 



#4 Driving

This is what Delhi is known for, its reckless way of driving.  To hell with the traffic lights and the brakes we have in our vehicles. Till the time you haven’t pissed someone off on the road, you haven’t done it right. 

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#5 Basic etiquettes

Most Delhiites have forgetten the meaning of basic etiquettes like holding the door open for the person behind you, or letting pedestrians cross the road first. It’s more like quid pro quo here. People are too busy (sometimes scared) to help the needy. 


#6 Eve-teasing

Walk around with your female friend at the busiest, most chilled out places Delhi has to offer and chances are you will hear a voice singing a cheap song for her. That’s when you know, Delhi has welcomed you.


#7 Encountering the age old “Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai?” type of people

This breed of egoistic morons is very easy to find. Just bump up into someone’s vehicle and that’s it. 

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#8 The Delhi Metro

We like people. Having them around is nice. But travelling in the Delhi Metro is an experience on its own. We take pride in the fact that Delhi has an amazing system for public transport but the pushing, the stepping on each other’s feet and not maintaining the right distance with your fellow passengers makes it slightly unpleasant.

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#9 Arguing with the Autowalas

If you think it’s easier for Delhiites to travel, sorry to break this to you, it isn’t true. Many people prefer auto over other means of transport but it’s not always easy to find a ride home that too at a reasonable price. One has to argue till they drop and at times, pay more than they are supposed to.

giphy (4)



#10 The night life

Haus Khaz Village. Period. 

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