On Arvind Kejriwal’s birthday, here are some of his golden moments


Arvind Kejriwal has got to be the freshest politician in the country. From an Assistant Commissioner in the Income Tax Department, to the Chief Minister of the capital of India, Kejriwal is a stellar example of what it means to get a career boost. We all remember how he first started off as an activist, fighting corruption through his “dharnas”. However, he soon got bored of being an activist and decided to up his game by starting the “cleanest” political party to ever exist on the face of this planet – The Aam Aadmi Party. That’s pretty much when our beloved CM started his glorious escapades. Thus to honour the auspicious day of Arvind Kejriwal’s birthday, we have some highlights of his antics for you.




Arvind Kejriwal and the biggest tantrum ever

The Aam Aadmi Party had just laid its foundation, when the 2013 Delhi elections came up. For a newly formed party, they performed brilliantly, capturing 28 seats. In fact, our beloved Kejru defeated “the” Sheila Dikshit! After getting support from a few more candidates, AAP was able to form a government with Kejriwal as the CM. But then, after 49 days, when Jan Lokpal failed to pass in the Delhi assembly, Kejriwal threw one of the worst tantrums in recorded history by resigning as the CM, leaving the people of Delhi without a leadership. Come on Kejru, even babies don’t cry if you steal their lollipops anymore.




Arvind Kejriwal and the Varanasi affair

Shortly after Kejriwal resigned as the Delhi CM, he announced his next big move – to contest in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Not only that, he decided he will either go big or go home, as he stepped in the ring with none other than Narendra Modi. It’s a no-brainer as to what the aftermath of the skirmish was. While Modi won by more than 3 lakh votes in Varanasi and became the Prime Minister of India, Arvind Kejriwal had no option except going home (to Delhi in 2015 as the CM that is).




Arvind Kejriwal and the PM Modi’s degree paradox

Here’s a throwback to a few months ago, when Kejriwal’s obsession with Narendra Modi reached new heights. Kejriwal claimed that PM Modi’s degree from Delhi University did not exist, and that his MA degree from Gujarat University was a fake. This led to BJP disclosing the Prime Minister’s degree in a press conference. And a few hours after the release, Kejriwal tweeted that BJP has got the DU records sealed and the degree they released is a fake.


  While we don’t really know what the truth is, what we know for sure is that our dear Arvind is totally obsessed with Modi. But Kejriwal doesn’t always fight alone. He is surrounded with team players. And their only objective is to obsess over Modi.   Arwind-Kejriwal's-bday-4



Arvind Kejriwal and the Snapchat filter

Snapchat came out with filters, and the world went crazy over them. So did our dear CM of Delhi. Now that AAP plans to contest elections in Goa and Punjab, the party founder went to Goa for campaigning. Little did people know that they’ll see him with a Snapchat filter.   Arwind-Kejriwal's-bday-5


While this might have been a sweet gesture by the Goan people, it didn’t stop the Internet from going crazy about it. And thus Kejriwal became a feast for trolls. And it was just hilarious!  


Before anyone starts throwing around allegations, BJP and Narendra Modi did not pay us to write this post. In fact, PM Modi wished our dear Delhi CM on his birthday, and he even thanked the PM for his wishes!




Happy Birthday Arvind Kejriwal! This time we hope you’re able to stick to your promise of staying for five years. On a parting note, here’s a Kejriwal meme we came across that cracked us up.



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