Most awaited TV shows returning this fall


This fall is going to be full of surprises for sitcom lovers with shows like Modern Family, Empire, The Big Bang Theory and many more returning to the tube. Take a look at this list of TV shows returning this fall and mark your calendars to catch all the season premieres.

The Voice – 21st September

Reality talent hunt show The Voice (U.S.) will be back with its ninth season on 21st September this year on NBC. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani will return as coaches for the season. In addition to that, Rihanna will be the key advisor of the series’ ninth season.




The Big Bang Theory – 21st September  

Season eight finale of The Big Bang Theory was quite the cliff-hanger with Amy breaking up with Sheldon just as he was about to propose marriage and Penny and Leonard dealing with their own truths while on their way to Vegas to get married. Find out what happens next on 21st September as Season 9 of the series premieres.



Empire – 23rd September

We can visit the Lyon’s den once again starting 23rd September with Empire season two. Luscious is behind bars and Jamal is taking care of the family business. Cookie can be seen behind bars as well in the promo but the reason remains unknown for now. Watch the promo here to find out more.

Modern Family – 23rd September

Our favourite family will be back on the telly on 23rd September and we already can’t wait to see them getting through life with their individual peculiarities. What we are waiting for the most is Haley and Andy’s love story. Do you think they’ll find out about their love for each other? Or will Andy go on to marry his girlfriend Beth? Find out soon.



Scandal – 24th September

Season four of Scandal wasn’t the best one we’ve seen so far mostly because it didn’t match up to the style of gladiating we’d previously fallen in love with. This season promises to make a comeback for the series. Rumour has it that this season will showcase a “reconstitution” of Olivia Pope & Associates, the reason for which isn’t known for now.  We won’t be surprised if Abby came back into the fold or Olivia hired a couple of new Gladiators.


Once Upon A Time – 27th September

The fairytale characters are back in the fifth season of Once Upon A Time and we’d suggest the viewers to prepare themselves to welcome the new Dark One in the series. Premiering on 27th September, let’s just hope that, in this season, all the previous evil characters team up to find the goodness in Emma Swan.

The Simpsons – 27th September

The Simpsons will be back with its 27th season with many guest stars including Lena Dunham and Sofia Vergara. Need we say more?



The Last Man On Earth – 27th September

A comedy about the final human survivors of a virus that swept the globe, The Last Man on Earth will be back with its second season on 27th September. Watch the series unfold as Phil’s brother returns from space to add a rather unanticipated twist to the story.




The Blacklist – 1st October

NBC’s crime drama The Blacklist will be back with a much awaited third season on 1st October. The second season ended with Liz and Red hopping on a van to flee the country together. Megan Boone, who plays Liz, says they share a confusing kind of love and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Homeland – 4th October

Homeland is returning with its fifth season this fall and reportedly is all set to deal with real world issues including the ISIS, the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden and other activities and personalities labelled as terrorists and extremists. The other interesting element in the new season is the fact that Carrie Mathison is no longer with the CIA and is based out of Germany.

The Affair – 4th October

Another one of the most awaited TV shows returning this fall, The Affair will be back with its second season on 4th October picking up from the point where Allison and Noah are trying to piece their lives together. The last season ended with Noah getting arrested for the crime that destroyed the lives of four people. In this season, however, the drama will be narrated by four people in place of two including Noah’s ex-wife Helen and Alison’s former husband Cole.

The Flash – 6th October

Action and fantasy series The Flash is returning with its second season which will reportedly explore multiple universes. The pilot season ended with Eddie sacrificing himself to save humanity, while Cisco realises that he has been affected by the particle accelerator explosion as well. Expect a lot of adventure in the second season, The Flash lovers!

Arrow – 7th October

Third season of Arrow ended with Oliver Queen and Felicity riding off into the sunset while the rest of his friends and family stayed behind to protect Starling City. The fourth season will witness a drastic change in team dynamics and Thea Queen will rise to prominence as the masked hero.

The Walking Dead – 11th October

Rick Grimes is back with his entourage with the 6th season of The Walking Dead series. 11th October shall be marked as the day when once again, The Walking Dead fans will witness another round of bloodshed & splatter like there’s no tomorrow – quite literally! We sure want to know what happens next in Alexandria as Rick finally gains his trust with the people in the community!


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