Meet Troy Costa, the man who designed PM Modi’s attire for his visit to the US!


Here’s all you need to know about the designer Troy Costa, the man who designs clothes for Bollywood A-listers and now also for PM Narendra Modi!

Mumbai based fashion designer Troy Costa began his career in the Indian fashion industry in 2003. And in the last 10 years he has established himself as one of the foremost men’s wear designers in the country

Troy Costa: My focus was not on the glamour or the fashion weeks of this country. Once I was able to build a group of tailors who were able to excel in finish and quality and then planned to go to the next step which was starting a made-to-measure label called Troy Costa or TD Costa designs

And Troy’s designs have been donned by Bollywood A-listers including Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor and Arjun Rampal

Troy Costa

Troy Costa: We don’t follow any Bollywood diktat as such. Our focus is on making amazing clothes and we also are wanting to dress up Bollywood in a TC signature or a TC style. We don’t want to dress bollywood as per each individual style.  That is the only one way we make clothes, tailoring, tailoring and tailoring.

Looking back at the decade spent as a designer, Troy affirms that fashion trends are cyclical in nature

Troy Costa: In 2003, we had the double breasted suit being made a part of the menswear movement then we moved to the single breasted and from 2010-11 going forward we’ve been wanting the double breast to come back and finally its come back in 2013 so that is one aspect. We’ve gone from the small collar in 2003 -2004 to the big collar in 2007-08-09 and we’ve come to the small collar again in 2013. So, that way fashion in a continuous circle its always travelling it goes into various forms it goes into footwear, hairstyles… we had long hair in 2001, and then we had long hair again in 2008-09 and then short hair in 13 and long hair in 16. So it’s constantly evolving but each time taking a new form

His winter festive 2013 collection titled ‘The London Eye’ for men was showcased at the Lakme Fashion week last year and his showstopper was none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Here’s Troy’s take on his latest collection

Troy Costa

Troy Costa:  It meant that while the merry go round moves you would see color and you’d not see color and technically saying that in menswear fashion color was there in some seasons and then it was not there in some seasons. So, you don’t have color all the time. The man is not a metrosexual like yesteryear, he is ubersexual, he loves his color, he wants it to be a part of his everyday life. He is now more keen on dressing up or doing things of his own unlike yesterday where he asked his wife or his girlfriend to decide or choose his clothes. So, I am seeing a man who has graduated to a more…to a higher level technically.

And we leave you with Troy’s trend predictions for the upcoming season

Troy Costa: Internationally I think there are beautiful trends for menswear and the trends are going to evolve further and further, we have the new wedge brogue which has never been a format for shoes before so this was also showed in the TC London Eye show, coloured wedge. That’s going to be a very big international trend in 2014.  The double breasted jacket is going to be a very big trend moving forward. The paisley jacket, the paisley print, all forms of botanical prints in menswear with regards to the shirts being floral based and that’s gonna be a big trend moving forward which is beautiful for menswear, it talks of going away from stripes and checks and creating new spaces with regard to menswear.

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