London Calling! Marshall has got something ‘new’ in store for you!


 Marshall has been out there making its name in the music industry for 53 years and still going strong. Associated mostly with amplifiers, Marshall has been making rock ‘n’ roll sound better for everyone over the years.  After launching amplifiers followed headphones, portable speakers and now they’ve come up with something even better that’ll leave every rock ‘n’ roll fan in awe. Marshall has got something ‘new’ in store for you! Take a look at Marshall’s London!

526cb14e95cb2a54f56821b2fc08419a Source 

This new member of the Marshall family is the best definition of a music smartphone yet.  Not a surprise that it looks like a mini amplifier. Expected to release this August, this beautiful black device is packed with two 3.5mm jacks and two speakers in the front which makes it the ‘loudest phone’ on the face of mother Earth. It has a separate processor for music which makes your music experience even better along with Wolfson WM8281, a soundcard that enables you to rock your FLAC format music too.


Oh and the golden ‘m’ button? That one button enables you to play music with just a single push. Situated on the side is an uber cool golden scroll wheel  that lets you control the volume. Old-school! We love!

Scroll-Wheel_800 Source

It is packed with an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and a 2 megapixel front camera. The smartphone has a removable battery of 2500mAh which looks like it was made for every music-lover. Talking about the memory specifications; it can pack up to 16GB of your data and includes a Micro SD card which is extendable to 128GB+.  

CKCZ_yAWwAApOF3 source: Twitter – @flatcircleio



All I’m left to say is, being a rock ‘n’ roll man; I can hardly wait to get my hands on this maddening device. London is up for pre-ordering and will cost around USD499. 

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