EASY Lip Care Tips for Dark Lips


Are you fed up of dark lips and want to make them look luscious?? Go through this guide and follow the mentioned tips to make your lips healthy and attractive.  

Tips on how to take care of dark lips

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Men aren’t really sophisticated when it comes to getting turned on. As they respond to visual stimuli incredibly well, just looking at a girl’s properly moisturized lips can get them going. Beautiful lips can enhance the beauty and glam quotient of a woman. But, due to the growth in unhealthy lifestyle causes darkening of and pigmentation of lips.

So, even if you were not born with Angelina Jolie’s plump pout, the good news is you can make them look luscious by following these simple lip care tips for dark lips. Instead of spending a fortune on the expensive lip scrubs and peels, just raid your kitchen shelves and get rid of dark lips in no time by following these foolproof ways.

How to take care of dark lips?

Exfoliate your lips daily
Use a baby brush with soft bristles or a cotton cloth to remove the dead cells of the extra peeling layer. You can also opt for homemade scrubs. Remove tan from your lips by mixing equal parts of lemon juice and honey. Apply this serum on your lips and leave for an hour before wiping off. This easy to make serum can be stored for over a week.

Moisturize regularly
Select a good quality lip balm to moisturize your lips. Never let them dry. Excessive exposure to sun can lead to pigmentation, hence use lip products with SPF/UV protectors.

Lower lipstick usage
Prolonged usage of lipsticks causes lip pigmentation. Use lipsticks only when you need them and remove lip makeup before you go to bed. Ensure that your lipstick comprises of shea butter, clarified butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil as these ingredients prevents the lips from drying out.

Don’t suck your lips
Excessive sucking or licking of lips causes drying and leads to lip pigmentation.

Apply oil overnight
Make your lips soft and supple by applying coconut oil, olive oil, petroleum jelly before you go to sleep. A natural lip care for dark lips.

Lower caffeine intake and avoid smoking
Your lips can acquire a darker hue in case of higher consumption of tea, coffee and excessive smoking.

Drink plenty of water
Dehydration is responsible for causing dryness in lips. Keep your body hydrated and make your lips naturally attractive.

Use natural ingredients
Dermatologists suggest regular usage of beetroot juice, cucumber juice and turmeric milk paste to get rid of dark lips.

Maintain healthy diet
As vitamin deficiency causes lip discoloration, hence eating plenty of fruits and green vegetables is an excellent way to get rid of pigmentation.

Avoid drinking chlorinated water
Do not consume chlorinated water and get soft, supple and pink lips in no time.

So, now you know it isn’t a difficult task to get luscious lips. Just follow these simple tips and make a lasting impression with your kiss-ready lips.

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