Jaw-dropping travel destinations for 2015


Has your life become mundane and, simply put, boring? Fixing a boring life is simple. Plan a vacation and take a little time away from the grind. As you plan your epic summer gateway this year, our list of top go-now travel destinations for 2015 will surely send you packing. So, explore, relax and make the most of your holidays.

Thinking about planning your dream trip this summer? Feeling the urge to discover some place new, a city yet to be completely discovered or an underrated destination only few would like to visit? Well, help is at hand. Our exhaustive list of best travel destinations offers a bewildering array of holiday options to choose from.

As the world is getting smaller, the chances of experiencing something ‘new’ are only going higher. Our suggestions offer an appealing mix of awsomeness and unquestionable faboulousness. As self-confessed travel junkies, our team of travel experts choose the places considering the topicality and ‘wow’ factor.

So, check-out these top holiday destinations for 2015 now and plan your adventure accordingly.

Essaouira, Morocco
True to its Moroccan spirit, this town has everything a traveler can ask for ranging from narrow alleyways, damp sea air mixed with aromas of spices and thuya wood, midday palm-tree shadows on red city walls, and the sound of drums. Visit this charming town for its rich cultural mix and to explore the flourishing art scene.

1-Essaouira, Morocco

 Image Source: Essaouira, Morocco

Corsica, France
Famously known as the ‘mountain in the sea’ offering rich diversity of landscapes and cultural heritage, Corcisa is the birthplace of Napolean. Go for a cycle tour to enjoy the pleasures of the coast or for the thrill of visiting historic La Maison Bonaparte, in the city of Ajaccio.

If you love to try out different cuisines, don’t forget to visit the town’s most gastronomic restaurant ‘Pasquale Paoli’.

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2-Corsica, France

Image Source: Corsica, France

Maramureș, Romania
In this remote northwest corner of Romania, the churches from the 17th and 18th centuries tell innumerable stories through paintings on their wooden walls. Boasting the old world charm, this region offers rich tapestry of pastureland and has successfully preserved the culture, traditions, lifestyle of medieval Romania.

3-Maramureș, Romania

Image Source: Maramureș, Romania

Haida Gwaii
This UNESCO World Heritage destination is an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Sea Lions, Whales and Orcas abound this place. Summers are the best time to visit as tourist services are readily available.  If you love nature and the outdoors, Haida Gwaii will surely pump you up.

4-Haida Gwaii

Image Source: Haida Gwaii

Tunis, Tunisia
Voted as best budget travel destination last year, this city’s layered charms are worth exploring. The best attractions in Tunis are outside of town: the wonderful Bardo Museum and mysterious ruins of the ancient Carthage. The younger people in this town prefer to frequent the gorgeous Mediterranean suburb of Sidi Bou Saïd for night-time fun. Considered among the top holiday destinations for 2015, April-October is the best time to visit Tunis when planning a beach vacation.


Image Source: Tunis, Tunisia

Choquequirao, Peru
The trek to Choquequirao is considered to be one of the most difficult in Peru. This Incan city draws only about 30 people a day during the high season (June-August) and offers lush wilderness, sweeping mountain views at every turn. Believed to be created around the same time as Machu Picchu in 1445, the construction of the first cable car to Choquequirao is expected to be finished by next year.

6-Choquequirao, Peru

Image Source: Choquequirao, Peru

Hyderabad, India
If you love the old city charm, visit Hyderabad for its narrow lanes thronged with markets, autorickshwas, traditional Biryani joints and old architecture. Famously known as the city of pearls, the Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad boasts of glittery malls, multiplexes, clubs, pubs and sleek restaurants.

If you are on a food trail in this city, the royal Hyderabadi cuisine will surely enthrall you with its cloudy Haleems, crispy Dosas and toothsome Biryanis.

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7-Hyderabad, India

Image Source: Hyderabad, India

Port Antonio, Jamaica
This colonial ghost town boasts of Mountainous terrain, winding roads, and obstacles ranging from potholes to goats that can make driving real adventurous. We suggest that opt for bodysurfing and gorge on jerk chicken to tantalize your taste buds.

8-Port Antonio, Jamaica

Image Source: Port Antonio, Jamaica

This sweet-potato-shaped island has a mind-boggling landscape – oversized sea cliffs and densely forested mountains. Taiwan is best seen on two-wheels and lives up to its reputation as a food paradise.


Image Source: Taiwan

Zermatt, Switzerland
This remote farming hamlet turned into first-class travel destination attracts approximately 1.5-million visitors a year. Since British adventurer Edward Whymper visited the mythical 14,692-foot peak Matterhorn 150 years ago, this wonder of nature gained to prominence.

10-Zermatt, Switzerland

Image Source: Zermatt, Switzerland

So, which one will you discover first among these hottest travel destinations for 2015? Let us know in the comments below.

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