The most irritating people to have a text chat with!


1. The ‘I-am-too-lazy-to-move-my-fingers’

Seriously it doesn’t really hurt to add a miserable ‘O’ before the annoying K and make things legit! When you send this person a long, complex message, it deserves more than a single alphabet reply! That ‘K’ is simply not OK!

lazy cat


2. The unstoppable humming bird

No! If I am asking you a question or giving you some very important piece of information – you bloody well respect that and spare me your ‘hmmmm’. That’s right, post your legendary ‘hmmm’ I don’t wish to enter that baffled state of mind where I don’t really understand the meaning behind those stupid letters.

parrot humming


3. The conversation ender

Well you wrote ‘haha’ and now I’m just sitting there staring at my phone because deep down I know you aren’t really laughing. I’m wondering whether you actually smiled at all.

Jim Carey slow laughter


4. The abbreviation king

‘C U 2mrw mrng’ , ‘U luk bful 2 me’ – Hey did you learn a new language? OR is your network data connection charging you per alphabet? Chances are I have red eyes already trying to analyze what you wrote there.

lazy panda gifs


5. The bombarder

Ya, we get it you have an unlimited data network connection. But that DOES NOT give you the right to bombard me with 15 messages in one go – that too one word at a time. The mess you’ve created in front of my eyes shall not be tolerated again. Thanks.

call me maybe gif


6. The haunter

Why would someone send a ‘Hi’ implying they’d like to start a conversation and then give no response for days together?! They could have only objective: To leave that haunted text in your inbox as a sinister reminder of their existence! We think it’s time you let go of the hope of getting another reply from the busiest person alive.

thinking mermaid gif


7. The drunken texter

That’s a heavy one. Heavy with feelings, emotions and numerous spelling errors. Clearly the sender will not have a clue about it the next morning…..or his feelings.

drunk texting gif


8. The ‘OMG’ addict

Those three letters are practically married to this person. Just so you know, there are several other ways to express your feelings other than an OMG.

shocked guy gif


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