Learn how to wear a saree in different styles


Do you know that there are over 80 ways to drape a saree? We know, shocking right! Thinking about how many ways do you know? Usually, most of us try to stick to our mother’s style of draping the saree, but learning the other ways is a fabulous way to try out new looks. So, gorgeous ladies! Go explore our guide on how to wear a saree in different styles and get oodles of attention quickly.

As the contemporary Indian women prefer to adorn skirts, jeans, trousers, to carry out their daily chores, the saree ends up occupying the corner of the wardrobe reserved only for special occasions. This six-yard garment constantly tries its best to fight to be a part of their daily lives.

Ways to drape a saree

Image Source: 1.Bengali style – fashioncentral.in 2.Maharashtrian style – inditrunk.com 3. Gujarati style- g3fashion.in 4.Butterfly style- sareeka.com 5.Mumtaz style- fashiontrendsabout.com

Let’s accept it, most Indian women love to embrace their saree-wearing heritage but constantly look for ways to reinvent it. So, what makes it so popular? Everyone suggests about the kind of fabric one should wear but no one talks about the different ways to drape a saree.

So, here is our complete guide that will answer the most frequently asked question – what are the different ways to drape a saree?

After all, a fashion-forward woman believes in breaking the cliche and making her own rules.

Different Styles of Wearing a Saree

Bengali style

This style of draping a saree is one of the easiest. It involves wide pleats and a double-wrapped pallu that is usually used to hold a key ring. Mostly handloom and cotton sarees are used for this style. This draping style has been popularised by fashion-centric celluloid sirens.

Watch this DIY video to master the art of Bengali saree draping style.

Marathi style

Not considered among the most preferred ones, it requires nine yards fabric instead of the usual six yard due to the intricate and complex draping. You can perfect this Maharashtrian look by pairing it with a bold nose-ring.

Want to know how to perfect the Marathi saree draping style at home, check out the video below:

Gujarati style

It is famously known as the siddha palla draping style. This style of draping covers the whole front bodice as the saree pallu comes right in the front to enhance the enigma.

Keen to learn the Gujarati style of draping, watch video below:

Tamilian style

This style also needs nine yards of saree similar to the Maharastrian version. It involves numerous tucks and complicated pleats. Mastering this draping style can be a cumbersome task but is high on comfort if worn correctly.

Check out the video to try out this traditional look.

Andhra style

Also known as Nivi style, the pleats in this draping style are passed through the legs and tucked at the back ensuring the free movement of legs.

Watch the video if you want to drape your saree in the most unique fashion and stand out from the crowd.

Butterfly style

In this style, the pallu is made very thin to make the naval and midriff visible. If your saree’s pallu is heavy and border is embellished, this style is definitely worth giving a try.

Here is a video on how to quickly learn the butterfly style of saree draping.

Mermaid style

This is best for getting the curvy effect on the hip areas. A close fitting hip and a flared bottom hem gives a slimming look to the wearer. So, team this Bollywood-diva inspired look with a heavy-embellished blouse.

This DIY tutorial video will surely make you fall in love with the mermaid style of draping a saree.

Mumtaaz style

It involves giving a narrow look by draping the saree tightly around the lower body. This retro-look popularized by Bollywood actress Mumtaz demands for a slow walk. Although, not a very comfortable style but it can make you look sensuous in no time.

Watch this video to look drop-dead gorgeous in no time.

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So, have you been watching numerous Bollywood flicks just to admire the beauty of this amazing Indian ensemble?

Among the various latest fashion trends in India, this six yard piece of fabric best depicts the different facets of a woman.  So, this season nail these draping styles for creating a lasting impression.

Check out our fashion DIY section if you are curious to know about the hottest fashion trends in India and across the globe.

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