How to use colour correcting concealers: dab those imperfections away!


Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin and at one time or another we have all felt the need to hide some imperfections. And for people facing issues like pigmentation, unevenness, redness and acne scars, hiding them is an even bigger task. But worry no more; there are a variety of products that can help in hiding them. Make way for colour correcting concealers, the secret behind that flawless and radiant looking celebrity-like skin. Here are the details and a guide on how to use colour correcting concealers.

Why use colour correcting concealers?

Most facial flaws are due to colour-related issues such as dark bluish under-eye circles and reddish-brown acne scars to name a few, and flesh tone concealers don’t cover-up all of them. Colour correcting concealers are a total game changer for people dealing with these kinds of flaws. The trick is to neutralise the flawed colours and mask their appearance as much as possible which is where the colour correcting concealers come into play.

How to use colour correcting concealers?

Colour correcting concealers typically come in four shades – green, peach/orange, purple and yellow. In order to hide the imperfections correctly, you need to understand which colour will neutralise the colour of the flaw you want to cover up. For instance, reddish colour spots are best covered with a counteracting colour, say green. Colour correcting concealers are mostly available in a cream-based blend and mix right into the skin along with your basic flesh tone concealer. Here’s how to use colour correcting concealers the right way.

Dab the colour correcting concealer onto the targeted spot with a clean brush or finger and gently blend it out until there are no apparent lines visible. Allow the corrector to set for a couple of seconds. Now use your usual flesh-toned concealer and apply it (again, dab) onto the area where you first applied the colour correcting concealer. With the help of a brush or a sponge, blend the productwell into the skin for an even finish. Lastly, set the concealer with some loose or pressed powder and notice the difference yourself.

Read on to find out which colour correcting concealer is suitable for which flaw and get dabbin!



Green Concealers

Green tinted concealers neutralise red zones on your face and are best used to cover-up blemishes.

Purple Concealers

Purple tinted concealers are best suited for eliminating any unwanted yellow undertones of the skin and add a natural glow to the skin, when mixed with your usual flesh-tone concealer.

Peach/Orange Concealers

Peach/Orange tinted concealers are ideal to neutralise dark circles under the eyes as they counteract the blueness and balance it out.

Yellow Concealers

Yellow tinted concealers are perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises and veins. They are great for evening out the skin and giving a bright base for your foundation.


Like this guide for using colour correcting concealers? Check out our How To and DIY sections for more such tips and tricks.

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