How to get pink lips naturally

Guide on how to get pink lips


Hate to wear dark lip colours to hide those dry and chapped lips? Chillax, girlies! Just read through our grooming tips on how to get pink lips naturally and become shutterbug-ready in no time. After all, summers are the perfect time to go natural.

Every women loves the signature red lipstick as it adds a dash of oomph to their overall looks but it’s no secret that men find women with natural pink lips as attractive.

There are thousands of women across the globe who wants to perfect their pout with a dab a bit of transparent gloss or just wake up looking kissable. All this can happen only when you have moist and supple lips.

Undoubtedly, luscious pink lips have the ability to enhance the visual charm of any women but pollution, exposure to sun, improper diet, allergies, hormonal imbalances and stress can cause their premature darkness.

Looking for homemade remedies to get pretty pink lips naturally?

Just follow our guide for getting soft pink lips and improve the lush and feel of your lips instantly.

•    Sugar scrub – Mix three spoons of powdered sugar with two teaspoons of butter and form a paste. Use it as a gentle scrub every day. Sugar will help get rid of the unwanted dead cells, while butter will bring out the natural colour of your lips.

•    Orange peel – Rub an orange peel over your lips for a minute and brighten them instantly.

•    Roses – Apply the paste of few crushed rose petals on your lips. Rose petals will hydrate and nourish the lips. It will also make them look brighter and pinker at the same time.

•    Carrot juice – When looking for quick nourishment, apply carrot juice.

•    Turmeric paste – Create a thick paste by mixing milk with turmeric powder. Apply this paste for over a minute or two followed by a lip balm to moisten the lips.

•    Rashberry scrub – Make a grainy paste of rashberry, aleo vera and honey. Message the lips gently with this paste for 10 minutes.

•    Almond and sugar scrub – Mix honey, powdered sugar and almond oil. This scrub will act as an instant moisturiser for your lips.

•    Tea tree oil –This is a great lip balm and also enhances the natural colour of your lips.

•    Pineapple and papaya paste – Regularly apply this paste to make your lips pink and soft.

•    Saffron and curd mixture – Mix a few strands of saffron in curd and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Gently message and rinse it after sometime.

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To make your lips the most distinctive feature of your face, follow these tips and let your lips do the talking.

Do check out our beauty trends section for latest updates in the beauty domain.

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