Hollywood movies releasing in the month of July


Mark your calendars Hollywood fans, because it’s raining movies this monsoon. From the action packed Ant-man to the hilarious and adorable Minions movie, there’s everything in store for the Hollywood movie buffs out there! Take a look at these Hollywood movies releasing in the month of July!


1. Pitch Perfect 2 – 3rdJuly

After a successful run of the comical a cappella group based flick, Pitch Perfect gets a sequel after 3 years. The American musical comedy film produced and directed by Elizabeth Banks stars almost the same cast members from the earlier movie making the sequel funnier and m ore entertaining. Watch this movie as it isn’t your average chick flick!

Run time – 2 hours

2. The Gallows – 10thJuly

The horror flick that July brings you is The Gallows. This movie is not advised for the weak hearted as it will scare the life out of you (or we’d like to believe). In an attempt to recreate a 20 year old play during which a horrific accident occurred, a group of people realize the most basic thing – some things are better left untouched. Goosebumps!

Run time – 1 hour 21 minutes

3. The Minions 3D – 10thJuly

For not just the kids but adults too, Jolly July brings you The Minions. The story revolves around three minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob as they are hired by yet another super-villain who goes by the name Scarlet Overkill. Enjoy some family time watching the fun adventures of these goofy clumsy minions along with their partners in happy-crimes!

Run time – 1 hour 31 minutes

4. Ant- Man – 24thJuly

Marvel fans unite, yet again! The long awaited Ant-Man (starring Paul Rudd) finally hits the screen this month. For those who don’t know, this movie is about con-man “Scoot Lang” who has a super-suit that allows him to shrink in size and gain increased strength. He must perform a heist to save the world with aid from his mentor Dr Hank Pym.

Run time – 2 hours

5. Mr. Holmes – 24thJuly

Sherlock fans, sad that you have to wait for an entire year for the 4th season but wait, here’s a movie that’ll cheer you up! Here’s a look at Gandalf as he takes on the role of a retired Sherlock Holmes looking back at his life to complete that one unsolved case, the peculiar one, involving that one particular girl. Watch to know more!

Run time – 1 hour 44 minutes

6. Paper Towns- 24th July

The young love story writer John Green’s bestseller gets turned into yet another screenplay. This one is mysterious as the girl next door steals the protagonist’s heart and vanishes leaving behind clues for him that lead to her. Interesting much?

Run time – Not available

7. Fantastic Four – 31stJuly

The best is always saved for the last. Marvel fans, this is pretty much our month, with two superheroes movies what more could we ask for? Unlike the previous the previous Fantastic Four movie, this is a reboot. Believe us, it’s for the better. With a promising cast, this movie has very high expectations. Better save time and money for this one!

Run time – Not available

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