Here’s why we hate cricket!


Cricket is such a waste of time! Really, who needs an action-packed sport that binds a completely diverse country together in a matter of just 50 overs (or 20!)?! Take a look at these 10 reasons why we detest cricket. Errmm… Read carefully before you pull the daggers out at us, wink wink!      

1. In a country fraught with cultural and ethnic differences, a sport that is above all religion and beliefs! Like seriously! Isn’t this nation way better with intangible boundaries of all sorts? Something that brings us all together as one? Nah, we don’t need that!    


2. It instills patriotism you say? And who has time for that? Patriotism is so passé. Let’s instead watch American TV shows and totally forget about our roots… Way cooler, innit?


3. Cricket gives birth to international legends from India whose wax statues share the same space as Albert Einstein and Charles Dickens in world-renowned museums. Hmmm… So what? Even your best friend is pretty popular on Instagram and she hasn’t swung a bat in her life, right?  


4. The excitement of staying up all night to watch a final match with your pals at an ungodly hour can only be replaced by the thrill of going on a Mediterranean Cruise with Jennifer Lopez. But this kind of nerve-wracking exhilaration is so bad for your heart. You should totally be spending your youth sleeping on time instead!!


5. Cricket makes you alter your priorities once you give into the addiction. I mean cancelling on that dinner date with a complete creep you met on Tinder will certainly not do. You’d rather miss that once-in-a-lifetime kinda century for a snooze fest of a rendez-vous.  


6. Cricket creates illusions of awesomeness. Spotting a random stranger at a party wearing your favourite IPL team’s jersey and knowing you’re gonna be best friends for life… Who needs that kind of giddy happiness? Say no to Cricket folks!


7. We hate Cricket because it fills us up with sorrow. Watching your favourite team lose and drowning that pain with friends over beer is a memorable experience nobody wants. We’d rather be obsessing over our ex’s new lover on Facebook… so much healthier and relevant in the long run!  


8. Cricket brings the family closer… ewww… so not cool! Sitting together with your loved ones, hearts pumping over a missed catch… nah nobody needs that kinda bonding in this day and age. We’d rather send fake kisses to fake friends on Snapchat!


9. It’s so yawn inducing. Where is the entertainment? Is the match fixed? Is Virat Kohli REALLY dating Anushka Sharma? Who cares! We’re so not interested in what the world is talking about. We’d discuss trivial office gossip over such juicy details any day!

9-virat and anushka

10. Cricket fails to inspire. As if every 90s kid idolised Sachin Tendulkar?! Totally, not! We find Mean Girls throwing a fit about someone’s ugly shoes so much more inspirational. Like seriously… who wouldn’t wanna grow up to be one of them?!     

10-Sachin tendulker

P.S. – If the points above still don’t make you want to re-watch your favourite match from the past, chances are there’s something wrong with you! We really thank God for this sport that gives our life a new meaning every day. No matter who broke your heart or whatever happened at work, Cricket is always there to cheer you up! WE LOVE CRICKET! Do you?

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