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The toughest part about getting ready in the morning is not always getting the right clothes; it’s getting the right hair. And everyone has those hurried morning when hair styling takes a back seat because the alarm didn’t go off or you decided to sleep in for those extra 20 minutes. For those dreaded days, we have got you these easy simple yet affordable hair hacks that can make one go from drab to fab in less than 10 minutes.


1. Dry Shampoo

We don’t always get time to wash and dry our hair in the mornings and the horror of having an oily and greasy scalp in public has given nightmares to many. To avoid that situation, just sprinkle some dry shampoo on to your roots and along the base of your hair and it will help in absorbing all the oil from your scalp giving your hair a more polished and fresh look. But the key to using dry shampoo is to use it before your head hits the pillow at night. The dry shampoo will do its magic overnight, resulting in healthy looking hair in the morning.

Tip: If you don’t have dry shampoo, you can also use baby powder to solve the purpose.

hair hacks


2. Tame down the frizz with the colour brush

If you are ready to go out with your hair tied in a bun or a braid but those flyways are bothering you then this hack is all you need. Tame down that frizz with the help of a colour brush and hairspray. Spray just enough hairspray to cover the bristles of the colour brush and run it over those stubborn flyaway strands to tame it down (after you are done with your hairdo). This will hold your hair in place for quite a long time.

Tip: You can use an old toothbrush if you don’t have a colour brush.

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3. Spin pins

Sometimes using too many bobby pins becomes very painful but you can swap them with *drum rolls in the background* spin pins. If you haven’t heard of spin pins, you are missing out. They are sort of twisted bobby pins and have extra grip which helps in holding your hair in place. So, instead of using 20 bobby pins use 2 to 3 spin pins and keep your hair intact. Throw your hair up in a bun, spin the pin to your hair and you are good to go.

hair hacks


4. Ponytail curls

Curling those long tresses takes a lot of time but if you have invested energy and efforts in your makeup and preparing your outfit, you definitely would not want to compromise with your hair. Would you ? Don’t waste time on thinking, we have got a solution for you. Now you can curl your hair and that too in 5 minutes. Pull all your hair up in a very high ponytail (exactly on top of your head) and taking small sections, wrap them around the curling iron. Once you’re done curling all the sections, untie your hair and spray some hairspray. This is a quick method to curl your hair and you can also make sure that you don’t miss out any strands of hair uncurled.

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5. Headband hairdo

It is very difficult to manage freshly washed hair, but here’s a hair hack that’s sure to help you. All you need is a headband. Grab the headband, wrap all your hair through it and you have a really pretty headband hairstyle. It might look like you have spent a lot of time doing this hairdo but in reality it only takes one minute. This is a really fun way to accessorise your updo with a colourful headband and also keep your hair out of your face.

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6. Messy bun

The safest and quickest hair hack when you’re running short of time is to tie your hair in a messy bun. There is no particular way of doing a messy bun and there are no steps to follow to achieve that look. Basically, you just have to mess up the bun and fix those loose locks with few bobby pins.

hair hacks

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