Game of Thrones season 5 finale: Et tu, Brute?


There wasn’t a single moment that didn’t lack grief in the last instalment of Game of Thrones season 5. And the best moment according to the makers of the show which was also the worst moment for the viewers, was obviously saved for the end. Some surprises, mostly shocks and a lot of sorrow are the ingredients of the last episode. Here is a list of the key moments. Spoilers included, goes without saying!

1) Too little too late – Stannis Baratheon

Setting his own daughter on fire in front of everyone in the name of the King’s blood did not do anything for Stannis Baratheon. Not only did half his army leave him overnight, his wife hung herself by a tree out of guilt and a conscience which wasn’t really helpful anymore. Stannis then heads to the Bolton’s only to realise that they are prepared for an open blood bath. And, needless to say, he loses the battle. In other news, Lady Melisandre anticipating the situation of Stannis’ army heads to Castle Black like a coward. On meeting Jon Snow, she says nothing (no mention of what she did to Princess Shireen too) and walks inside with a grieving face. Revenge finally sets in when Lady Brienne of Tarth kills Stannis Baratheon avenging the death of Renly Baratheon (because  she used to serve him then).

hanged face

stannis vs brinne

2) Meet Arya Stark face to face

Arya Stark finally crosses a name off her list by killing Ser Meryn Trant appearing as a child prostitute in front of him. While we felt proud of her in that very moment, but like always, the pride was snatched away from us when Jaqar H’ghar tells Arya that she killed someone she wasn’t supposed to because of her personal reasons and she must pay for it. Pay she does and loses her eyesight!

arya and the blind

arya loses sight

3) Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy

The moment Lady Brienne and her squire turn their sight away from the high tower; Sansa manages to light that candle she had been meaning to for so long. All that effort was basically of no good. While Ramsay is out for war, Sansa tries to flee only to run into Reek and Ramsay’s lover, Myranda. While Myranda plans to return Sansa to Ramsay Bolton, so he can use her to get an heir, Reek (or Theon Greyjoy) finally mans up and pushes Myranda down to death. They both then jump from the wall, hand-in-hand leaving their fates to the Gods.

theon and sansa jump

4) Cersei Lannister – The walk of shame

Broken and bogged down, Cersei decides to confess to the High Sparrow and wishes to spend time with her son in return. She only confesses to being involved with cousin Lancel Lannister out of marriage (no mention of Jamie anywhere) and the High Sparrow agrees to her wish given that she has completed her atonement and walk of shame. She is then stripped down, washed, locks chopped off and made to walk naked till King’s Landing while people curse her and throw… let’s just say things, at her.


sad cersei

5) Jamie Lannister finally feels what it’s like to be a father for 5 seconds

While bidding their goodbyes to Dorne, Ellaria Sand plants a long kiss on Myrcella’s lips wishing her all the happiness in the world.  Jamie Lannister, Prince Trystane, Bronn and Myrcella then finally set out for King’s Landing when Jamie tries to tell Myrcella the truth about him and Cersei only to find out that she already knows. They share a brief father-daughter moment in a warm embrace when Myrcella starts bleeding from her nose and well…dies. Need help connecting the dots? Ellaria is then shown wiping her nose in Dorne and drinking the antidote to save her from the poison that was on her and Myrcella’s lips.


6) Are the Dothraki’s back?

Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm take charge of Meereen as Khaleesi is out in the wild with her dragon, when Jorah and Daario begin their quest to bring her back. Khaleesi and her hungry dragon, who is of no use at the moment, are in the middle of nowhere when Khaleesi is surrounded by the Dothraki army (Remember how they hate her?). She very smartly drops her ring so that someone can trace her but do the Dothrakis think of her the same way?


daenayrs surrounded

7) You really know nothing Jon Snow!

Just like his father Ned Stark, Jon Snow stood up for an honourable cause and got deceived by his own. He was tricked by Olly under the pretext of knowing the whereabouts of his uncle Benjen. He was then stabbed by the men of the Night’s Watch repeatedly (Et tu, Brute?). The most painful part is that the last person to stab him is Olly, that little kid!

jon dead

 All images sourced from HBO

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