Fashion trends for men – Autumn/Winter 2014


Every season comes with a list of trends that makes the transition into different weather more exciting. Here’s a curated list of winter fashion trends for men that must be followed to stay ahead in the dressing game. 

  1. Patterned jackets

Jackets have always been an indispensable part of a man’s winter wardrobe and this season is like any other. However, a little experimental twist in terms of patterns and prints on jackets can really add that something extra to your ensemble, creating a look that promises to grab eye-balls wherever you go.

Patterned jackets-winter fashion trends for men

  1. Movember moustache and beard

Who says that the Movember moustache and beard cannot continue in December? Or even January for that matter! That scruffy look goes perfectly with the winter attire, plus all that facial hair is the most natural shelter to brave the cold wintery winds. How about growing a beard this winter if you haven’t already?

Movember moustache and beard

  1. Quilted/Bomber jackets

These jackets look cool and make for one of the safest fashion trends for men. And they keep you warm. Also, they never go out of style. Those are reasons enough to strut quilted/bomber jackets around the winter.

Quilted,Bomber jackets-fashion trends for men

  1. Corduroy Suits/Shirts

Ah! The classic look! Winters are all about subtle shades and these colours when paired with a fabric like corduroy, the look stands apart. Suits, shirts and trousers in corduroy are meant for the cold weather. Wear them.

Corduroy Suits and Shirts-winter fashion for men

  1. Layering

Layering different types of clothes to get a whole new look is the best thing about winters. A few pieces clubbed together in different combinations can result in multiple looks for a man’s attire. Scarves, mufflers, sweaters, jackets, shirts etc. can all be layered in various ways for getting that dapper look!

Layering clothing for Men-perfect for winter fashion

  1. Wintery bag

Sling bags, messenger bags, duffle bags etc. in colours of tan and grey would make for a perfect accessory to go with a man’s winter ensemble. Completing the look, these bags are not just an aesthetic addition but they also provide great utility for keeping your belongings safe.

Wintery bag

  1. Shearling

For those who don’t know what a shearling is, it is fluffy animal wool derived from sheep or lambs mostly used in jackets. Most commonly found around the inner linings and collars in a man’s jacket, shearling is going to be one of the biggest recurring trend for this season.

Man’s jacket, shearling

  1. Monochromes

Well, that’s just a winter thing! Experiment with the blacks and whites or just add a touch of a bright shade with your monochromes and voila you’re the perfect winter guy!


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