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Not everyone is a pro when it comes to makeup but following some do’s and dont’s can be very helpful. It takes time to identify your face shape and what makeup look you can go for to achieve a flattering look. Women love makeup, isn’t it? But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend hours doing it. Here are a few makeup tips and tricks you were never told before that can help accentuate your best features and hide those that aren’t as favourable.




#1 Use fingers to apply foundation

If you want sheer coverage, the best way to apply your foundation is with your fingers. For medium to full coverage, a brush or beauty blender would be a great option.

#2 Concealer on eyelids is a big no!

Using concealer as base for your eyelids is a big no, it causes your eye makeup to crease. Instead, invest some money in a good eye primer. 

#3 Make your face look slimmer with this simple trick

To give your face a slimmer effect, concentrate in the centre of your face which is the T-zone area. Strategically apply concealer on the centre of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the cupid’s bow, the chin and under your eyes to make your face look sculpted. Don’t forget to blend, blend and blend.

#4 Puffy eyes have a simple solution

If you wake up with a lot of puffiness under your eyes, don’t freak out. Your concealer can save you here. But, instead of applying it right on the puffed area, sweep a little amount of product along the shadow that it creates. Blend it well using your ring finger and say goodbye to that puffiness.

#5 Baby powder on lashes can make them look fuller

Dust on some baby powder on your lashes in between mascara application to plump up your lashes. This helps grip the mascara in between coats, leaving you with fuller lashes. Watch this tutorial to try out this makeup tip.

#6 Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle!

Another great way to make your lashes look fuller is to get enough product on the mascara wand and wiggle through the roots of your lashes in zigzag motion as you work your way up.

#7 Eye shadow can work wonders for your lips

To make your lips look fuller and luscious, use your finger to dab a little bit of frosted blush or eye shadow to the centre of your lips. This will give your lips a 3D effect and it looks stunning.

#8 Smile before you apply that blush

While applying the blush, the first thing to do is to smile and then apply it on the apples of your cheeks. You may then drag the pigment towards the top of your ears in order to blend it away.

#9 Prep your eyelids with matte base eyeshadow or compact

Before starting your eye makeup, prep your eyelids with a matte base eyeshadow or compact. Apply the pigment all over your lid, dragging it up to your brow bone. This doesn’t let your eyeshadow and makes it stay for longer.

#10 Bronzer also works as a great body makeup tool

Bronzer gives you a sun-kissed look but it is not meant just for your face. You should apply bronzer on your neck and chest as well to even out your skin tone. But make sure to take a step back and not over-do it to keep everything natural and subtle.

#11 Do not stretch your eyes while applying your eyeliner

The biggest mistake we women do while applying eyeliner is stretching the skin around our eyes. Instead, get as close to the mirror as possible, tilt your head up and bring your chin towards the mirror. Look down as you apply the eyeliner, starting from the inner corner of your eye and working your way out towards the corner.

#12 Finish off your lip colour with translucent powder to make it stay on for longer

To make your lipstick stay for longer, you would need a translucent powder. Swipe on your lip shade as you do normally, lay a tissue flat over your lips and then dab the powder over it to set the colour. This will absorb the excess moisture and keep it in place for longer.


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