Dogs vs cats! – Here’s our analogy


Are you an animal lover? Do you have a pet at home? Do you think that dogs are better than cats or is it otherwise? We present to you today a logical case (a very very general one) that will decipher the two beings with their pros and cons.

PS – This article is not at all biased towards either of the two. We received inputs from people who love cats and the ones who love dogs or both!

Here’s our analogy around dogs vs cats and how they function. Take a look.


  1. Their intentions


You can’t always tell what’s going on in a cat’s mind, where as with dogs, you’ll always know whether they’re happy or grumpy or however they’re feeling just by looking at their faces.




  1. Cleanliness


Dogs don’t really bother. They can play in the mud for an hour and still be okay with walking around in your living room. Cats on the other hand love to keep themselves clean. They have the ability to lick themselves up till the time they’re satisfied with their personal hygiene.




  1. The sneaky behaviour


Cats are sneaky. They’re sneaky AF. They can creep up on you when you least expect it and some people may not like it. Dogs are a bit different in this case. They love to make their presence felt wherever they go.




  1. Their tails tell a story


A happy dog will wag its tail. A happy/excited cat will have a straight tail that may be bent a little towards the end. All in all, both their tails tell a thing or two about them.




  1. Poop pattern


Cats generally have a litter box for pooping (the domestic ones mostly do). And they’re fussy about taking a dump if their litter box isn’t clean. Who wants to shit at a dirty location anyway? Dogs on the other hand – just take them for a walk and they’d find a spot, anywhere!




  1. Owner and pet relationship


A dog always remembers that you’re his master. He’ll obey you and will not go against your will (in most cases). Cats, oh boy, they don’t have a master. They can be your companions, but at the end of the day they will do what they want to do.




  1. Neediness


Cats are not needy. They have the advantage of being able to take care of themselves for more than 24 hours as long as they’re fed and taken care of. Dogs on the other hand are super-needy. They get depressed when their master’s not around for long and they always crave for love and affection. ALWAYS.

Though both of them are quite opposite here but both deserve a point.




  1. The protection angle


Dogs are protective. They will guard your house and its members with their lives (unless they’re trained in an extremely playful environment). And if you talk about cats, they wouldn’t generally give a f*ck about the uninvited guests in their house.




  1. Noisiness


Talking about uninvited guests, if a dog spots one in his house, chances are – he will bring the house down with non-stop barking even if the guest is harmless. Cats are calm that way. Whether they like people around them or not, they would still keep their voices down.




  1. Training


Do we generally see a lot of cats doing awesome tricks taught by their owners? How about dogs? Yep, dogs can be trained to levels you can’t imagine. Though it’s a fact that all animals can be tamed and trained but let’s just talk about the common scenario. You can make your dog a Youtube celebrity overnight if you have it in you.




  1. The loyalty factor


Dogs are extremely loyal to their masters. They’re faithful and can be trusted with just about anything. Don’t get us wrong here; we’re not saying cats aren’t faithful. But if you compare the two, you know the answer. Let’s give doggies a plus one here.




And here’s the final score!



We can see that dogs are taking the lead here but you should remember, it’s not about which animal is better; it’s about which animal is better for you! Some love dogs and some are just cat people. Both creatures are lovely in their own ways.

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