Dear men, here’s everything you’ve been doing wrong with your watch!


Watches are a very important part of a man’s lifestyle. They’re classy, cool and they also show you what time it is! How awesome is that? But, there are men out there who think watches don’t suit them, let us tell you one thing, you’re wrong. For every wrist, there’s a watch. You just need to find the right one and with that you need to know this is how you pull off a watch!

#1 The everyday watch

To start with the everyday watch; this one you can wear when heading out with your friends, running errands, at work and more. The watch should be subtle and durable, of course. It can be in stainless steel, rubber or even plastic and a colour that goes with most of your clothes for instance a blue or a black.



#2 The formal watch

Formal ones are for events, dinners, parties and other exclusive gatherings you might have to attend. They should go well with your outfit. It’s perfect if it’s in gold, silver or any other metal. Your watch should match your other jewellery too for example, gold watch would be perfect with gold cufflinks. Analogue display with diameter of 1.6 inches, that’s how it should be.



#3 Sports watches are important too!

Going for a hike, a run in the woods, gym and whichever sports you’re into and you have a thing for watches? Great, get a sports watch and half of your problems go to rest right there. You’ll have a compass, it can measure the depth, speed and with the included features it already has for you, you can easily, without any problems enjoy your workout. Sports watches have got different kinds like, military watch, all-purpose watch and others. You can rock your watch with a full sleeves t-shirt. And no, it doesn’t go with your suit. Don’t even think about it.




#4 A dress watch, heard of it?

A sleek leather watch is the perfect balance between classy and subtle. The leather can be brown or black or something like dark blue and it is best worn with a suit or a semi-formal look. Make sure the watch strap matches your shoes and belt. It makes your look complete and in place.




#5 Which watch and which wrist  

There are many myths like men should wear their watch on the right and women on the left but you need to remember that, comfort comes first. It’s completely up to you to wear it in whichever wrist you prefer. It shouldn’t create problems for you when on the move.




#6 The right fit

It’s all good till you’re wearing a leather strap or any other adjustable watch but if wearing a bracelet watch, make sure it fits your wrist perfectly and doesn’t look like a piece of metal hanging off your arms. That’s what’s not cool.



#7 Pocket watches

They’re old school yet classy. And sorry to say, not everyone can pull those off. But then again, experimenting is the key. It should be in the pocket that’s the easiest for you to reach. If wearing khakhis or denims, simply put it in the front pocket.

When wearing a waistcoat, you can loop the fob with the buttonhole and put it in the pocket on the other side.



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