Celebrities who flaunted their baby bumps proudly in 2016


In the past, celebrities used to stay out of sight, especially of the paparazzi, during their pregnancies. The media has often been flooded with a barely glimpsed photo of a pregnant celebrity, usually with the intention of shaming them. The media would hound the celebrities to the point of harassment, and the celebrities too would lash back by trying to cover themselves up as much as possible. This was the raging attitude of Bollywood towards pregnancies for a long time. Thankfully, there has been a change in this mentality during the course of this year. Now, celebrities proudly flaunt their baby bumps and the fans lap up everything gladly.

Since a pregnancy is nothing to be ashamed about, the behaviour of both the celebrities and the media was quite unnatural. But this year, we were treated to photoshoots of pregnant celebrities, showing off their baby bumps proudly on the red carpet, and how being pregnant needn’t be a hindrance to their normal life. It was refreshing to see all these proud mothers-to-be going about their normal lives as if nothing had changed. Let’s have a look at these wonderful women who brought about a phenomenal change in the attitudes towards pregnancies.

#1 Kareena Kapoor Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan spent most of 2016 awaiting the birth of their child but they definitely did not simply while away their time. Kareena posed for several photoshoots, attended red carpet events, did not hesitate to talk about her pregnancy, and simply rocked the pregnancy glow, all the while proudly showing off her baby bump. In short, she was unstoppable. She gave birth to a boy, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, on December 20.



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#2 Genelia D’Souza

While this was Genelia’s second pregnancy, it was the first time that she confidently and proudly carried herself throughout her pregnancy. She proudly flaunted her baby bump while she went about her work. Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia are one of Bollywood’s long-standing and cutest couples and it was heartening to see the two of them proudly announcing their news. She gave birth to another boy on June 1.




#3 Mira Rajput

New Bollywood bride Mira Rajput rose to fame in a short period of time once it was announced that she was to marry Shahid Kapoor. And this year, she proudly showed off her baby bump to everyone. Pregnant for the first time, Mira did not shy away from cameras or remain hidden for the better part of nine months. She, too, was seen going about her life as she usually would. She gave birth to a baby girl, Misha, on August 27.



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#4 Shveta Salve

TV actor Shveta Salve held no bars while talking about her pregnancy. From announcing it herself with a photo of her baby bump on Instagram, Shveta herself publicly documented her progress and her experience during her pregnancy. She even wrote an open letter to her unborn child. She flaunted her baby bump proudly several times and did not shy away from talking about how she planned on giving birth. She gave birth to her daughter Arya in August.




#5 Carol Gracias

Model Carol Gracias took it to a whole new level when she proudly flaunted her baby bump on the ramp. She talked about how she made that decision, and spoke openly about the problems her body faced during pregnancy. And when she realised people couldn’t get enough of her breaking conventions, she pointed out that it wasn’t really that big a deal; millions of women work during their pregnancies, several because they don’t even have a choice. Her quite grace and courage spoke volumes for pregnant women all over, and in July, she gave birth to a boy.  



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