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Sick of justifying your beard to other people? We have many many answers!

Suyash Shukla14 Jul 20150 comments

All you beard haters out there, Greetings! We’ve often heard people say ‘To each his own’ which mak...

Here’s the easiest guide to an organised yet simple makeup routine

Suyash Shukla14 Jul 20150 comments

Still confused about what comes first? The moisturiser or the primer? And what about the concealer? Does ...

Essential wine hacks for everyone who loves vino more than people

Suyash Shukla14 Jul 20150 comments

Wine is a way of life for most people, especially for us! And although we love what every drop of vino do...

8 things that will make monsoons seem way better!

Suyash Shukla14 Jul 20150 comments

Hello monsoon lovers! It’s that happy time of the year where water is pouring down and everything seems...

15 Makeup tips for beginners

Suyash Shukla13 Jul 20150 comments

Makeup can accentuate your best features and cover up the ones that don’t flatter your looks. However, ...

25 things every man over 25 must own

Suyash Shukla13 Jul 20150 comments

Hello there! You twenty-something boy! In case you have had the honour of celebrating your 25th birthday ...

Here’s why it’s important to wash your makeup brushes regularly!

Suyash Shukla13 Jul 20150 comments

Makeup brushes are an important investment for every woman and rightly so. Gone are the days when applyin...

7 Reasons Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are giving us the ultimate relationship goals

Suyash Shukla13 Jul 20150 comments

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are officially an item and we can’t help but make a list of the relation...

Mode Glam is back again and this time there’s something in store for guys!

Suyash Shukla10 Jul 20150 comments

Remember those ‘100 years’ videos by Mode Glam? After making rounds on the internet while grabbing a...

Ariana grande donut video: She’s got 99 problems and licking donuts is definitely one!

Suyash Shukla10 Jul 20150 comments

Let’s just start by saying that licking other people’s donuts is NOT cool. That’s right, the 22 yea...

5 perfect and serene places to relax in Delhi

Suyash Shukla09 Jul 20150 comments

With life getting hectic and busy by the day, Delhiites are on a lookout for places that don’t offer lo...

USA vs Japan: Giant robots fight to the death!

Suyash Shukla08 Jul 20150 comments

Remember as kids we used to watch shows involving giant robots fighting, like Transformers and Power Rang...

Pictures: How cute can Alia Bhatt be?

Suyash Shukla08 Jul 20150 comments

There’s no doubt that we all love Alia Bhatt, not just for her acting skills but for her style as well....

Things you need to get through monsoon in style

Suyash Shukla07 Jul 20150 comments

While most people look forward to the rainy season, the anticipation and excitement gets over after the f...

Hollywood movies releasing in the month of July

Suyash Shukla07 Jul 20150 comments

Mark your calendars Hollywood fans, because it’s raining movies this monsoon. From the action packed A...

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