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11 Things that would’ve happened differently had Ravan won against Ram

Suyash Shukla23 Feb 20150 comments

We have grown up reading various tales that instil our faith in the ‘victory of good over evil’ and t...

14 kinds of happiness money can definitely buy!

Suyash Shukla23 Feb 20150 comments

If you've heard people saying ‘money can’t buy everything, even happiness’, they’re wrong! Money...

These college t-shirts will make you want to hide your own college t–shirt in a hole

Suyash Shukla23 Feb 20150 comments

If you thought you went to the ‘coolest’ college, had the coolest campus around and everything that c...

Love leather handbags? Risa should be your new destination

Suyash Shukla20 Feb 20151 comments

Having developed a knack for leather products early on in their lives, Riddhima and Saloni from the brand...

The art of handmade shoes by Rameshwar Arya

Suyash Shukla19 Feb 20150 comments

Handmade shoes are a thing of the past. But we caught up with Rameshwar Arya who is keeping the trend of...

Outfit of the week

Suyash Shukla19 Feb 20150 comments

Need inspiration for your outfit this weekend? We've found this street style look at www.nymag.com which...

Preview: Designer Annamika Khanna’s collection at Ensemble

Suyash Shukla19 Feb 20150 comments

Designer Annamika Khanna’s preview at Ensemble defines an exquisite paradigm in the world of Fashion! ...

And Star sports did it again – killing it with this new ad on the upcoming India v/s South Africa match

Suyash Shukla18 Feb 20150 comments

Bursting those firecrackers was clearly not in Pakistan’s destiny considering last week’s match with ...

15 things that most likely can only happen in India (by an Indian)

Suyash Shukla18 Feb 20150 comments

Indian culture is an amalgamation of several cultures and habits but the beauty really lies in the fact t...

Exclusive: Amitabh Bachchan celebrates India’s big win with his fans

Suyash Shukla16 Feb 20150 comments

History was made yet again when India won against its arch nemesis Pakistan by 76 runs at the Adelaide Ov...

Aamir Khan talked about the #AIBRoast & this is how the internet reacted!

Suyash Shukla11 Feb 20151 comments

‘Freedom of speech’ – Aren’t we all a little tired of all and sundry spouting this oft-repeated p...

This is how the internet is reacting to the #AAPSweep

Suyash Shukla10 Feb 20150 comments

In a near-complete-sweep, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today made history by recording a landslide victory, ...

App of the week: Crossy Road

Suyash Shukla10 Feb 20150 comments

Get your hands on the most addictive game doing the rounds right now, Crossy Road. Released only two mont...

Sick of love songs already? Here’s your playlist for the ‘week of love’

Suyash Shukla10 Feb 20150 comments

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and it is hard to escape love melodies playing almost everywhe...

10 places you should definitely not be found coochie cooing at this Valentine’s Day!

Suyash Shukla10 Feb 20150 comments

If you don’t have a private space to canoodle this Valentine’s Day, please do everyone a favour and a...

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