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Animals feel pain just like us humans do: A colony of Langurs in Rajasthan grieve over a robotic baby Langur thinking its dead

Garima Kakkar13 Jan 20170 comments

Here’s something that will make your day a little sad but in a good way. How often do you see animals e...

11 reasons why Barack Obama is the coolest President ever!

Ananya Hazarika11 Jan 20170 comments

As Barack Obama leaves office as the President of the United States of America, we have to prepare to bid...

100 years of lingerie

Suyash Shukla08 Sep 20150 comments

There’s nothing like the feeling of silk or satin against your skin and there’s a reason why women an...

Fancy diaper bags anyone? Blake Lively has the perfect one for you!

Suyash Shukla03 Sep 20150 comments

Looking for a gift for a friend who’s expecting? Stress no more, as our very own Gossip Girl - Blake Li...

Britney’s back b*tch, and she says “All men can suck my toe!”

Suyash Shukla02 Sep 20150 comments

Someone once said ‘Leave Britney alone’! And after all those years the pop diva of the yester years B...

10 essential shoes every woman must have in her wardrobe

Suyash Shukla01 Sep 20151 comments

It’s true that a woman can never have too many shoes however there are basics when it comes to footwear...

App of the week: Get an alert on your phone every time your favourite TV show airs with Hooks

Suyash Shukla01 Sep 20150 comments

It’s so difficult to keep track of important things these days because of the enormous amount of inform...

Is Kylie Jenner Tyga’s muse in his new music video?

Suyash Shukla01 Sep 20150 comments

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have always been in the limelight for their complicated relationship especially pri...

Taylor, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus release their new tracks at VMAs 2015

Suyash Shukla31 Aug 20150 comments

Held on August 30th, the 32nd edition of MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) was a star studded affair that we...

90’s supermodels reunite and you can’t miss it!

Suyash Shukla28 Aug 20150 comments

Legendary fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh bought five of the most influential 90’s supermodels ba...

Designers Reynu Tandon and Nikhita Tandon launch their new store in Delhi

Suyash Shukla28 Aug 20150 comments

Designers Reynu Tandon and Nikhita Tandon launch their new store in Delhi. The store is situated in Delhi...

Love speaks one language! And this video nails it perfectly!

Suyash Shukla27 Aug 20150 comments

Kissing might be one of the best ways to express love between two people (and they say it’s one of the ...

Shocking!!! 10 Disney stars: Then & Now

Suyash Shukla26 Aug 20150 comments

Disney is known for finding talent across the world on small screens and these kids have certainly made t...

Braid away: how to do a waterfall braid

Suyash Shukla25 Aug 20150 comments

Braiding is the hottest hair trend this year. You can braid your hair at work, for an event or even when ...

Kudos to Sunny Leonne! You’ve totally nailed it this time #ShopKeeper

Suyash Shukla21 Aug 20150 comments

The much talked about man behind the ‘ShopKeeper’ and ‘Chutki’ jokes has nailed it this time with...

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