7 things you should remember before you get your first tattoo

Suyash Shukla21 Oct 20160 comments

Getting inked can be a tough choice. It’s not a difficult decision to make if you’re absolutely sure ...

Interesting ideas for Diwali gifts other than the good old dry fruits

Ananya Hazarika20 Oct 20160 comments

The festival of lights is almost upon us and the air is abuzz with festivity. People have started the mon...

6 online shopping websites for Indian jewellery shopping

Gurpreet Kaur20 Oct 20160 comments

Ladies, you all must agree with the fact that there is something very beautiful about Indian jewellery. I...

10 things you can do when you’re bored

Ananya Hazarika20 Oct 20160 comments

With a smartphone in everyone’s hands, it’s very difficult to get bored these days. But there are sti...

13 reasons why every woman must own red lipstick

Gurpreet Kaur19 Oct 20160 comments

A well-done red lip will totally have you winning at life. Because there’s just something about the red...

10 things a couple in a healthy relationship never say to each other

Ananya Hazarika18 Oct 20160 comments

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and everyone knows that. Being open and honest with y...

In light of exploding Note 7 phones, Samsung has set up exchange booths at airports

Atishy Rathi18 Oct 20160 comments

Note 7 has been getting a lot of bad publicity since it came out. Starting with exploding phones, Samsung...

Who’s the boss – Matte or Gloss

Gurpreet Kaur18 Oct 20160 comments

Lipstick is almost every woman’s favourite makeup product. This little bullet has the power to bring yo...

Six motivational things to tell yourself when you’re feeling sad about being single

Atishy Rathi17 Oct 20160 comments

Do you feel sad when you see your friends going out with their dates? Are you getting sick of being singl...

85-year-old, Ed Whitlock, completes marathon; sets new world record!

Umesh Rajani17 Oct 20160 comments

While you crib about Monday blues and being sleepy at work there’s this 85-year- old champ out there wh...

Things you should know about Courtship Period. Shout-out to everyone who is ‘Engaged’

Gurpreet Kaur14 Oct 20160 comments

Courtship period refers to the period in a couple's relationship that precedes their engagement and marr...

Unblushed: “Be the Bitch” Shruti Haasan has got a powerful message for every woman out there and we’re applauding!

Umesh Rajani14 Oct 20160 comments

We all have talked about how women are still not getting the respect they deserve or how they’re still ...

Workplace is Facebook’s latest product, and here’s why companies should use it

Garima Kakkar14 Oct 20160 comments

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies at present. Just when you think Facebook has nothing...

7 exercises that burn more calories than running

Gurpreet Kaur13 Oct 20160 comments

In spite of its many health benefits, running is not everyone’s favourite activity. It requires no equi...

Killer clown craze: Imagine being chased by a scary clown on the middle of the road; it’s now a thing

Suyash Shukla13 Oct 20160 comments

It all started in the US early this year where a killer clown craze originated causing panic amongst the ...

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