7 neutral lipstick shades under INR 700 for your everyday makeup

Gurpreet Kaur14 Nov 20160 comments

Soft and neutral lipstick is a perfect way to complete a no-makeup makeup look. However, the neutral lip...

Weekend celeb wrap up: Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and more!

Ananya Hazarika14 Nov 20160 comments

While we spent our weekend lining up outside banks and ATMs, Bollywood was busy with the Lux Golden Rose ...

10 things which are radically different between school and college

Ananya Hazarika14 Nov 20160 comments

School and college are two very integral aspects of our growing up; the former characterises our childhoo...

Food items that help fight cellulite

Gurpreet Kaur11 Nov 20160 comments

Excess estrogen level, hormonal imbalance, imbalanced blood glucose level or excess weight can cause cell...

Best of airport spotting: the boys are having all the fun this week!

Ananya Hazarika11 Nov 20160 comments

Looks like the boys of Bollywood had their fashion game on this week. From Salman Khan to Sidharth Malhot...

Arvind Kejriwal is at it again, bringing Modi down for his daring move!

Umesh Rajani10 Nov 20160 comments

It’s no surprise that the nation is losing its cool after PM Narendra Modi pulled off a trick that nobo...

Kolkata is taking a step ahead with the first ever Transgender Durga Puja

Arzoo Hamal09 Nov 20160 comments

A small neighbourhood in Kolkata is all set to celebrate the first ever Transgender Durga Puja that India...

The Fashin app will help you buy clothes spotted in Bollywood movies!

Umesh Rajani08 Nov 20160 comments

All you Bollywood lovers who are crazy about fashion too, there’s good news for you people. There’s a...

Snake on a plane: A movie came true in an Aeromexico flight when a snake actually invaded the plane!

Atishy Rathi08 Nov 20160 comments

Snakes on a Plane is probably one of the most hypothetical movies of all time. I mean, what are the odds ...

Delhi smog: The poisonous blanket still engulfs the city and these questions still need answers

Atishy Rathi07 Nov 20160 comments

Delhi is notorious for its high levels of pollution. So much so that it has been on the radar of WHO for ...

This Japanese food artist is flaunting her mad skills on Instagram and they’ll have you drooling in no time!

Umesh Rajani07 Nov 20160 comments

There are a lot of things that can make your day, a random text message from ‘that’ person, a happy t...

Would you drive your chauffeur around on his last day at work? This Boss did!

Umesh Rajani04 Nov 20160 comments

How many of you would actually do the job you hired a person for while he sits and enjoys? Probably most ...

Do fitness trackers really know when you fall in love?

Ananya Hazarika04 Nov 20160 comments

Fitness trackers are quite the fad these days. And it’s not just the fitness freaks who are using them....

This video of how lipsticks are made by Refinery29 is just too satisfying to watch

Gurpreet Kaur04 Nov 20160 comments

Over the many years makeup has evolved, it’s safe to say that lipstick has been the most consistent pro...

Emma Watson is busy hiding books only for you to find them!

Ananya Hazarika03 Nov 20160 comments

Actress Emma Watson has been quite busy these last couple of days. It’s nothing related to movies thoug...

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