Video: Crazy stampede in Taiwan as people spot a rare Pokémon!

Tonoli Zhimomi01 Sep 20160 comments

Pokémon Go is a craze we are all too well aware of now. The game has been lauded by some for getting peo...

7 reasons why Delhi is a nightmare on rainy days!

Suyash Shukla31 Aug 20160 comments

The monsoon season is upon us and speaking on behalf of most Delhiites, we’re not at all happy. Everybo...

A mysterious signal received by NASA might finally help in finding aliens!

Umesh Rajani31 Aug 20160 comments

There’s something weird happening in the world… or maybe I should say in the universe. There have bee...

KFC’s secret recipe revealed: Here’s the recipe and how to fry chicken like KFC does!

Gurpreet Kaur31 Aug 20160 comments

KFC is no doubt the most famous fried chicken in the world, and for decades people have been trying to gu...

Things you should know before colouring your hair

Gurpreet Kaur30 Aug 20160 comments

Are you bored with your hair and want an instant new look? Changing your hair colour can probably be a go...

This guy is drunk all the time as his body produces its own alcohol

Tonoli Zhimomi30 Aug 20160 comments

The human body can produce its own alcohol, and Matthew Hogg is a living example of this very strange syn...

iPhone 7 is right around the corner and we’re losing our shit!

Atishy Rathi30 Aug 20160 comments

Ladies and gentlemen, that time of the year is about to come, when every person on the planet goes crazy ...

Pictures: Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Pernia Qureshi and more spotted at the grand finale of Lakme Fashion Week

Suyash Shukla29 Aug 20160 comments

Finally another season of one the most talked about fashion weeks in the country wraps up and boy, it sur...

Ranbir Kapoor steals the show as he piggybacks designer Kunal Rawal at Lakme Fashion Week

Suyash Shukla29 Aug 20160 comments

Kunal Rawal, the first name that comes to our heads when we talk about men's fashion in India, is making ...

How to wear a choker necklace to complete your outfit

Gurpreet Kaur29 Aug 20160 comments

Choker necklaces are doing the rounds these days but they can sometimes be mistaken for being just an alt...

Life of a sex-worker: Gripping images reveal life inside a brothel in Bangladesh

Tonoli Zhimomi29 Aug 20160 comments

Images speak a lot louder than words, especially the hard-hitting ones. There are so many iconic images f...

Airport Spotting: Here’s how celebs mixed style and travel this week

Garima Kakkar26 Aug 20160 comments

The airport is a great way to find out what your favourite celebs have been up to. The Mumbai airport, es...

Support the ‘Make In India’ initiative by shopping at India’s largest destination mall – DLF Mall of India

Gurpreet Kaur26 Aug 20160 comments

When it comes to Indian buying habits, homegrown brands rule the roost. To take the success of Indian bra...

Signs that indicate you’re still not over your last breakup

Umesh Rajani24 Aug 20160 comments

Keeping all the bullshit aside, let’s talk about the things that actually matter the most to you. To be...

H&M to open a new store in the heart of New Delhi: Connaught Place

Tonoli Zhimomi24 Aug 20160 comments

H&M is all set to make its mark in the heart of Delhi by opening a new outlet in Connaught Place or C...

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