8 things you need to know before your first day at a new workplace

Umesh Rajani07 Sep 20160 comments

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in or how many years you’ve been working, your first day at...

How to pair two solid colours together: the art of colour blocking

Gurpreet Kaur07 Sep 20160 comments

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand which colour you should wear with that blue shirt or that ora...

Is this old Asian man an actual masseuse or a massive pervert? Read on and be the judge!

Tonoli Zhimomi07 Sep 20160 comments

An old man in New York is garnering a lot of attention and criticism for his very unusual method of deliv...

5 low-calorie cocktails you should totally order during happy hours

Garima Kakkar07 Sep 20160 comments

If you like to keep a count of your calorie intake, we’re sure you understand the effect of alcohol on ...

These busted fitness myths will bring you the relief you’ve been looking for!

Umesh Rajani06 Sep 20160 comments

Fitness is of prime importance especially is the lifestyle we follow today. The work life balance that we...

Dragon Con controversy: A couple came dressed as the Twin Towers and nobody found it amusing

Atishy Rathi06 Sep 20160 comments

Dragon Con is an annual fantasy and science fiction convention that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA....

5 types of birthday anxiety we all feel around our special day

Suyash Shukla06 Sep 20160 comments

The term ‘birthday’ is extremely relative when it comes to people. Some love it, some don’t and som...

10 things you should consider while dating a woman who has been single for a long time

Garima Kakkar06 Sep 20160 comments

Relationships can be complicated, given the fact that the two parties end up sacrificing their expectatio...

Amitabh Bachchan’s letter to his granddaughters is an inspiration for every woman

Atishy Rathi05 Sep 20160 comments

Amitabh Bachchan is amongst the most revered people in the film industry. After all, he has done a lot of...

Everything you need to know about face serum

Gurpreet Kaur05 Sep 20160 comments

Face serum can’t be considered as a moisturiser or facial oil but it’s something which you can apply ...

Not your average lakes, these are the top 5 pink lakes from around the world

Tonoli Zhimomi05 Sep 20160 comments

We think of water as blue or colourless, but pink? It seems totally bizzare and unreal! Yet, pink lakes e...

6 reasons why being a teacher is the best thing that you can do in life

Umesh Rajani05 Sep 20160 comments

It’s that day today, when you remember your teachers and how you were a pain in their ass though it was...

Airport Spotting Wrap-Up: Check out how celebs blend travel with style seamlessly!

Tonoli Zhimomi02 Sep 20160 comments

Travel fashion is an area often overlooked by majority of us. While comfort is key to ensuring a pleasant...

Instagram budges, finally introduces the ‘pinch and zoom’ feature

Suyash Shukla01 Sep 20160 comments

Instagram has always maintained a mysterious edge over other social networking apps by not including a pi...

Evolution of swimsuits: The fascinating story of the growth of itsy-bitsy bikini

Tonoli Zhimomi01 Sep 20160 comments

One of the first things that cross our minds when we think of the beach is bikini. The tiny swimsuit has ...

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