3 things we don’t like about the new iOS10

Suyash Shukla14 Sep 20160 comments

Apple recently launched the biggest ever iOS update for all its users and it has been acclaimed as the be...

Here’s what ‘Indian’ Muslims want the Hindus to know about them

Atishy Rathi13 Sep 20160 comments

We live in a world which is full of stereotypes. If you don’t believe it, let’s take a trip down memo...

Make way for the new Royal of Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra!

Umesh Rajani13 Sep 20160 comments

Nobody can deny that Priyanka Chopra is one of the most successful females out there in Bollywood and now...

Top 5 best preserved mummies from around the world

Tonoli Zhimomi13 Sep 20160 comments

A mummy is a corpse of a human or animal that has been preserved after death. When we think of mummies, E...

Your favorite Jeans Is Costlier Than Living In These International Cities

Suyash Shukla13 Sep 20160 comments

Do you want to plan an international holiday but are worried about the expenses? Well guess what, there a...

Are live-in relationships legal in India? Quora users highlight some facts

Garima Kakkar13 Sep 20160 comments

Live-in relationships have always been tricky ones to admit to, especially in India. There is absolutely ...

5 lazy day outfits that always work

Tonoli Zhimomi12 Sep 20160 comments

Some days feel like a drag and every activity seem too tedious a chore- this includes having to dress up....

Swadeshi jeans: How would you like to sport denims with the tag Patanjali over your waistline?

Suyash Shukla12 Sep 20160 comments

And he has done it again! After raiding our houses with Patanjali grocery, Baba Ramdev is back with a ban...

This racist warning by Air China has made the Twitterati really furious

Atishy Rathi09 Sep 20160 comments

The moment we hear the word racism, we associate it with the Western world. After all, the most prominent...

10 Instagram pictures of the ombre hair trend that’ll make you want to change your hair colour

Garima Kakkar09 Sep 20160 comments

Hair colour is tricky business! It is bigger than many other life commitments because once the colour is ...

Travel fashion: Here’s your weekly airport spotting wrap-up in pictures

Tonoli Zhimomi09 Sep 20160 comments

When it comes to travel fashion, we ought to look to our celebs for inspiration. From boho-chic to straig...

New Guinness Book of World Records: check out the amusing record holders from the longest cat to the youngest bearded lady

Tonoli Zhimomi08 Sep 20160 comments

The Guinness World Record needs no introduction; we have all thumbed a book or watched a T.V show of it a...

Apple AirPods: Will you buy them at an added cost of $159? Here’s how the Internet is reacting

Umesh Rajani08 Sep 20160 comments

Apple has once again brought the Internet to the ground after they revealed the iPhone 7 (and other produ...

In pictures: Jacqueline Fernandez jets off to attend New York Fashion Week

Tonoli Zhimomi08 Sep 20160 comments

The New York Fashion Week is the hottest fashion gala in the global fashion calendar, and Jacqueline Fern...

Apple Keynote September 2016: iPhone 7, AirPods, Apple Watch series 2, a paradise for gamers but is it affordable?

Atishy Rathi08 Sep 20160 comments

The moment all Apple fans have been waiting for is here - The Apple Keynote. The day when Apple unveils a...

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