Ladies, this short film features a set of fake boobs that you’d want right away and we’re at a loss of words

Umesh Rajani20 Sep 20160 comments

All the women in the world have always dealt with one problem that has got them annoyed and pretty sure v...

Wedding outfit ideas beyond the red lehenga

Gurpreet Kaur20 Sep 20160 comments

Wedding season is just around the corner and we understand that any amount of outfit inspiration won’t ...

The confessions of an Indian pickpocket: Find out how and why they steal

Tonoli Zhimomi20 Sep 20160 comments

Crowded markets and places in India are synonymous with pickpockets. We have all heard of stories how the...

This man trying to ‘drill’ a headphone jack into an iPhone 7 is exactly what’s wrong with the world!

Umesh Rajani20 Sep 20160 comments

The iPhone 7 has already got people going crazy for numerous reasons and the cost being one of them. Ther...

5 fitness apps for all fitness freaks

Gurpreet Kaur20 Sep 20160 comments

Fitness definitely asks for a lot of hard work. It’s not something that one can achieve overnight and a...

The Playboy Café is here for the Delhiites and it’s the place you want to be at this weekend! Here’s why!

Umesh Rajani16 Sep 20160 comments

Let me put a smile on your face, and no, I'm not quoting the joker. There's a legit reason for you guys t...

Belgium gets the world’s largest pickled human brain collection

Tonoli Zhimomi16 Sep 20160 comments

A psychiatric hospital in Brussels, Belgium, is now home to the world’s largest collection of human bra...

Airport spotting wrap-up: The best of travel fashion from Bollywood’s biggest stars

Tonoli Zhimomi16 Sep 20160 comments

Airports turn into runways when celebrities take to travelling in style. From Deepika Padukone to Aditya ...

Gym bag essentials if you workout on a regular basis

Gurpreet Kaur16 Sep 20160 comments

If you want to shed some extra kilos or you just want a toned body, workout is the main solution. It is ...

7 Reasons that’ll make you fall in love with Amy Jackson!

Suyash Shukla16 Sep 20160 comments

Bollywood is a mysterious place. You see all sorts of budding faces every year appearing on the silver sc...

David Beckham and Kevin Hart take a trip from L.A to Vegas for their latest H&M commercial

Tonoli Zhimomi15 Sep 20160 comments

The clothing giant H&M has roped in global stars David Beckham and Kevin Hart for a second time for t...

Watch: The barefoot skateboarders from the wild, wild, west of India will blow you away!

Tonoli Zhimomi15 Sep 20160 comments

Skateboarding is a sport commonly associated with the west and has no mass appeal in India. But, in a sma...

Must watch: Amitabh Bachchan’s inspiring new video asks women to speak up

Tonoli Zhimomi15 Sep 20160 comments

Amitabh Bachchan recently made headlines for the letter he wrote to his granddaughters. The progressive l...

Did you know that there’s a naturally rotating island in Argentina called ‘The Eye’?

Atishy Rathi14 Sep 20160 comments

The Earth never ceases to surprise us with its wonders. Be it rock formations such as the Grand Canyon, o...

Tattoo designs if you are getting inked for the first time

Gurpreet Kaur14 Sep 20160 comments

Getting a tattoo for the first time is not a decision you can take lightly. You need to pay a lot of atte...

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