Ellen DeGeneres took part in a mannequin challenge, danced off and received Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama! WHAT!

Umesh Rajani23 Nov 20160 comments

I think we’re running out of things that Ellen DeGeneres can’t do maybe because there isn’t any suc...

Superwoman slays sexists in her latest awesome video!

Ananya Hazarika23 Nov 20160 comments

Internet sensation and Youtuber Superwoman says she has only two sides: “a nice positive unicorn” and...

These slangs on Urban Dictionary were made to make you laugh your ass off!

Umesh Rajani22 Nov 20160 comments

Since the birth of Internet, the ways to communicate have changed and I can’t confirm if all of them we...

Man uses drone to catch his wife cheating on him! Here’s the video

Suyash Shukla22 Nov 20160 comments

This is the story of a devastated man. A man who assumed was leading a beautiful married life for 18 year...

This father of all Mannequin Challenges in a strip club is highly NSFW

Suyash Shukla22 Nov 20160 comments

Okay, so here’s the thing, we’re done with Mannequin Challenges. One more video of people pretending ...

Ranveer Singh is the wittiest celebrity in B-town and his reply to SRK’s comment proves it

Atishy Rathi21 Nov 20160 comments

Ranveer Singh is presently one of the most popular actors in Bollywood right now. But his movies are not ...

Not every Chris Martin is a member of Coldplay, this dude just trolled a lot of Indians!

Umesh Rajani21 Nov 20160 comments

Let’s face it, Global Citizen India was that one concert almost every Indian soul wanted to be a part o...

This fan finally got a chance to give Ranveer Singh a gift and it left him in tears

Umesh Rajani17 Nov 20160 comments

It’s no surprise that Ranveer Singh is one of the most loved actors in Bollywood. Other than being a gr...

Sonam Gupta is breaking the internet again and we’re laughing our asses off

Atishy Rathi15 Nov 20160 comments

Sonam Gupta is back! Earlier this year, an old ₹10 note came to limelight with the words “Sonam Gupta...

Commandments of the new-age bride

Ananya Hazarika15 Nov 20160 comments

While traditional weddings are beautiful in their own way, some couples prefer to take a less predictable...

The Internet has spoken: Michelle Obama should run for president in 2020

Atishy Rathi11 Nov 20160 comments

The US Election 2016 stunned the entire world when it was announced that Donald Trump is going to be the ...

You’d be surprised to know that these nerdy TV characters are actually quite hot in real life!

Ananya Hazarika11 Nov 20160 comments

We, the fans, have come to love all the nerds and the geeks we see on our favourite TV shows. We adore th...

Sidharth Malhotra is vacationing in New Zealand and his pictures will make you want to take the next flight!

Umesh Rajani11 Nov 20160 comments

Winter’s almost here and while you wait and day dream about it, Sidharth Malhotra is chillin’ like a ...

Here’s a list of Indian celebrities who have their Movember game on point

Atishy Rathi11 Nov 20160 comments

November should literally be renamed to Movember. After all, ever since the no-shave scenes have started,...

These pictures show how awkward it was for Obama and Trump to finally see each other at the White House!

Umesh Rajani11 Nov 20160 comments

Now, that Donald Trump has won the presidential election and is all set to get comfortable in Obama’s c...

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