This lad from NYC caught all the Pokémon that are found in the USA!

Umesh Rajani22 Jul 20160 comments

If you think you’re doing really good with Pokémon GO, well, here’s something to prove you wrong bec...

Celeb of the week: Twinkle Khanna for daring us to broaden our views with her witty tweets!

Tonoli Zhimomi20 Jul 20160 comments

Twinkle Khanna has long drawn the curtain over her acting career, but she has since donned many a roles. ...

This video of Americans dancing to ‘Let’s Naacho’ is something to see

Umesh Rajani20 Jul 20160 comments

We love our Bollywood songs! So much so that whenever we hear the beats of a song from one of our favouri...

Life Goals: This dude quits his job to catch all the Pokémon!

Umesh Rajani19 Jul 20160 comments

People have done so many crazy things and have become famous for that. It’s like a dream come true, no?...

5 reasons why Qandeel Baloch was the real star she deserved to be!

Suyash Shukla18 Jul 20160 comments

She shook the world over. In a good way for some and for the rest of them, well, it didn’t really matte...

In pictures: Here’s what your favourite celebrities were upto this weekend!

Tonoli Zhimomi18 Jul 20160 comments

The weekend brought an array of engagements for our celebs. While some kept busy with exercise and play, ...

Taylor Swift gets caught in a massive lie and now people are calling her a ‘snake’, including fellow celebrities!

Tonoli Zhimomi18 Jul 20160 comments

What could the American sweetheart have done to become the most hated person overnight? Well, she has bee...

Delivery for Mr. Trump: A gift was sent to Donald Trump by this India based company so he could ‘purify’ his mind! Watch the video!

Umesh Rajani15 Jul 20160 comments

Donald Trump is not the most loved human being on the planet but there are chances that it might be just ...

Cool Stuff: SkyView is an app that helps you see planets, constellations and more by just pointing your camera at the sky!

Umesh Rajani14 Jul 20160 comments

There are many people who like to gaze at the stars and figure out if there’s a constellation that they...

Qandeel Baloch twerking throughout in this music video is the reason you should fear the internet!

Umesh Rajani13 Jul 20160 comments

When I woke up this morning I was looking forward to a good day, thinking, the weekend is just another da...

Suits Season 6 is almost here! Here’s a throwback to the times when Team Suits was “litt” af

Umesh Rajani12 Jul 20160 comments

Suits season 6 is just a day away and we can’t wait for the new season to begin! We saw how season 5 en...

The weekend celebrity wrap-up: Here’s what your favourite celebs were up to this weekend!

Tonoli Zhimomi11 Jul 20160 comments

Weekends are like electrolytes after the grind of weekdays. Whether it is chilling in pyjamas at home or ...

Ranveer Singh dancing to Sultan’s music while screening is all you need to watch today!

Umesh Rajani11 Jul 20160 comments

Imagine you’re at the movies, a song comes up and the next thing you see is Ranveer Singh is in front o...

There’s a new James Bond option in town and Tom Hiddleston is losing the race to him because of this strange reason

Umesh Rajani08 Jul 20160 comments

We’ve already got a few names on the list that are likely to play the next Bond but it’ll be just too...

Happy Birthday Dhoni! Here are ten facts about MSD that make him uber-cool

Umesh Rajani07 Jul 20160 comments

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is among the most loved cricketers in the country. His track record is impeccable an...

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